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Creating a sustainable wardrobe that works for you.

Getting to grips with ‘wardrobe economics’ is the key to sustainability. There are three variables to consider:

  • money
  • time
  • the planet

On average we wear 20% of our clothes 80% of the time. That equates to an awful lot of clothes languishing in your wardrobe not ‘earning their keep’! For every £100 spent, £80 is wasted, if not being worn.

We take about 17 minutes a day deliberating what to wear. With a wardrobe that is full of ‘lurkers’ and not ‘workers’ the job of choosing an outfit is often not a joyous one for many people.

Working with a Personal Stylist can be considered a luxury, or something reserved only for people who are really into fashion, but that is simply not the case. I am trained by House of Colour’s rigorous and ongoing programme to help people like you to sort through the noise and get a wardrobe that fills you with joy and works hard for you every day.

By knowing what colours and styles work for your body architecture and lifestyle you can create a wardrobe that has garments that will all be worn and no longer waste money buying items that will not see the light of day. By doing this, you will be reducing the mass consumption that the fashion industry encourages and become more sustainable.

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February 2023 Newsletter

In this edition:

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January 2023 Connection Newsletter

In this edition:

  • Reflecting on 2022
  • Parish Council Updates
  • St Sampson’s Updates
  • Our Advertisers here
  • Monthly Quiz 4th Saturday
  • Regular Hall Events and more

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SHARE AGM – save the date

This year’s SHARE AGM event will be held at South Hill Parish Hall from 7.30pm on Thursday 22nd  September 2022

This is our plan for the evening:

a.     Information Event, open to all.  SHARE will be publicising what we’ve been able to do since the last AGM, the status of our ongoing plans and projects, and many of the items that fall under the agenda item “Annual Report”. This will be an informal chat and question event held in the Hall. We’ll be planning to cover: wood projects, hydro, recycling, energy, carbon footprinting and wider “green” issues. The displays and discussions will be manned from 7:30pm.

b.     The formal part of the AGM (i.e. that bit we are legally obliged to do) will start at 8:30 in the Main Hall, taking advantage of the new display that the Hall Committee have installed. There we will conduct the formal finance business, table the legally required motions and elect the Directors for the next year. Only full Members are allowed a vote.

This year there is a vacancy for a new Finance Director, as Graham Beven is standing down. His has been an invaluable contribution into the success of SHARE, its projects and its stability. We collectively thank Graham for his help and support, and the guidance he has given us.

We hope that this event will make it easy for everyone to voice their opinions and express their aspirations for SHARE, without the rather formal setting of a big Hall meeting. Non-members are welcome to come and see what we’re all about, and maybe join.

Please come along and bring us your hopes, criticisms and aspirations to prepare SHARE for the next year.

A Newsletter produced by and for the Parish of South Hill

August 2023 South Hill Connection Newsletter. In this edition:

  • Horticultural Show schedule and DOG SHOW.
  • Visit to the Council Incinerator
  • Pearce’s Bakery & Luckett Station. Now and Then
  • Events … Harvest Supper, Callington Honey Fair
  • New advertisers, see all our Advertisers here

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Archived newsletters (all of them!)
can be found in our public Google Drive folder – here…

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Friendly Slimming World Groups

Wednesdays and Fridays

at Callington Methodist Church

Call Luisa on 07972856788 for details

Or message via Facebook…

The past year has been extremely challenging for support groups everywhere, and Slimming World has been no exception.

Some have found this period very difficult (stress and comfort eating); some have actually found it easier (no eating out or socialising over cake); some have concentrated on weight maintenance.  All are glad to be getting “back on the bus” for the sake of their health and wellbeing.

Our lovely consultant Luisa Glinn has worked extremely hard to keep everybody from going off the rails.  She has organised weekly Zoom sessions on Wednesdays and Fridays, and personal messaging and phonecalls for those less comfortable with technology.  Last summer, when we were “unlocked” for a few weeks, we met in a barn on Luisa’s farm so that we could remain socially distanced but still get the help and support we are used to.

We’re flooding back to the Methodist Church schoolroom for our weekly dose of common sense and empathy.  Members who stepped back from Slimming World during the pandemic are being welcomed back, and many new members are joining.  All are welcome, and with luck by the end of June we’ll be able to use the kitchen to make our tea and coffee – exciting times!

Comments from members:

I have absolutely loved groups being back and getting everyone excited about the healthy journey ahead x  Luisa (Consultant)

Lockdown was hard but Luisa was always there for us no matter what.  Karen

Love being back in group with all and getting to share our experiences though lockdown and a big thank you to Luisa for all her support though this difficult year. Wendy

I love being part of the Social Team… keeps me on track… Great to get back to the Scales and see everyone . Fab support as always x   Dawn

Advertising Feature

Cloud Dog Studio workshops

Cloud Dog Studio, Higher Kelly, Calstock Workshops on offer. Something for Everyone. All sessions need to be booked in advance as the studio has limited space. This means that you get plenty of individual teaching and help. * is suitable for children.

Please don’t hesitate to ring me on 07531951108 or email me at if you have any questions or would like to book a party or event. Jules.

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SHARE – new investment opportunity

Members may recall that back in May 2016 we offered fixed term Investment Opportunities to members, rather than obtaining commercial loans, at the time the SHARE Church Park Solar PV installation was nearing completion, and again in 2018.

Members were able to directly support SHARE’s aims and the Church Park project, and benefit from a preferential interest rate. At the same time, SHARE was able to obtain funding at lower cost than would have been possible from banks, and the full financial benefits remain within the community. Our 40kW solar installation at Church Park was fully funded by members. Since then, routine interest has been paid, and some loan capital has been repaid. The next substantial repayment of capital is due in June this year.

Therefore we are now able to offer a new opportunity for Members to invest in SHARE by providing new loan funding. The Directors would like this new investment opportunity to be spread as widely available as possible.  Full membership is open to anyone who lives, works or owns property in South Hill, and Associate membership for anyone else interested in our work.

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