Parish Council meeting January 17th 2023 meeting

Details of the meeting held on 17th January 2023 included the following topics:

COMMUNITY NETWORK HIGHWAY SCHEME: The scheme allows the Parish to suggest road improvements in the local area. Already being considered by Caradon is a 40 mph speed limit on South Hill Road from the end of the 30mph limit to the junction with Redmoor Road. It was discussed at the meeting whether this could be extended along South Hill Road through Maders thus reducing the speeding problems. Your thoughts on this or any other suggestion for capital road improvements, not road repairs, should be sent to: Jenny Hoskin (Parish Clerk) details below.  

FOOTPATHS, LOCAL MAINTENANCE PARTNERSHIP: A footpath cutting schedule has been produced involving limited work ensuring paths are clear, the work to be carried out during June 2023.  Contractors or individuals are sought who might be interested in the work. For more information please contact:  Cllr. Pete Tunnicliffe Telephone: 07554 990984

AFFORDABLE HOUSING:  The Council remains keen to progress moves towards affordable housing in the Parish. To that purpose a Housing Needs Survey for the Parish has been purchased by the Council. It is intended that the survey goes live on 6th February when letters will be sent to all residents containing a link to the survey.  This link will be also available next month in the Connection and on the Parish web site. The survey is intended to run for 6 weeks after which the Affordable Housing Team will analyse the data and produce a report on South Hill parish housing needs. This report will form the basis for discussions with Mr Pollard, the Development Officer for the Housing Revenue Account at Cornwall Council; he has considerable knowledge about the history of Moorland View, a possible development site.

GRANITE TROUGHCORMAC have refused to site the trough in the agreed location, just below Lamberts Well, determined by a site visit. This is because it is deemed unsafe to replace the trough in that location, so close to the road. The council discussed its possible relocation: in the new community orchard, the play area, or in the recreation field?  Suggestions please to:  Jenny Hoskin (Parish Clerk)

PLAY AREA EQUIPMENT: The dual swing, one safety seat for toddlers and one normal seat, has been purchased and erected in the play area, in front of the tree. In order to keep the precept as low as possible the Parish Council has included no allowance for further purchases of equipment in future years. The survey of equipment that could be bought included a very popular ZIP wire for £12,000. Whilst the Council will continue to seek grants from public and other funds, obtaining the required finances will also depend on monies raised through community efforts.  Suggestions for fund raising events in aid of playground equipment are sought with all funds raised being ring-fenced for playground equipment.

ALLOTMENTS:   Two allotments have become available on Trevigro Rd. If you are interested in an allotment please contact Cllr. Carol Samuel 07777 695870.   

UPDATE FROM: Cllr Pete Tunnicliffe (for fully accurate information as to council meetings readers should consult the minutes of council meetings at )                                                    

All communication should be directed to Jenny Hoskin (Parish Clerk) Telephone 07810 234417 or email Write to Branston Farm Bodmin Road, Bodmin PL30 4BB

NEXT meeting February 14th starts at 7:30pm at the Parish Hall. All Welcome.