Footpath Walks

Please don’t park in the hall car park if there is an event, you can check this, or book the hall for 12 pounds a session by phoning 01579 363901. There is a public toilet on the outside of the hall.

There is a doggy bin on the Trevigro Road by the 30 mph sign, plus further along on this road there is a layby for parking.

Writing this in July, there is a mixture of stock in the fields, from cattle, sheep and lambs and you may encounter other animals, including horses, donkey, goats, who knows, so keep all dogs under close control. Stinging nettles and brambles are growing fast as are the crops, take care. If walking in a group avoid trampling and damaging the crops (which includes grass) by walking in single file and keep to the edges. Leave all gates as you find them.

The Interactive map on Cornwall Council web site is useful for plotting your route. MAP


Wear or carry bells and raise funds for St Sampson’s bells fund to rehang & ring the church bells. RAMBELL starts South Hill church Dec. 11th 9:30amUnique experiences as we cross fields not usually allowed, bell ringing, tower climbing, lavender field, private property, Polhilsa , Whiteford Temple….Dogs on leads and children under control at all […]Read More »

Rilla Mill 7.5 miler.

7.5 miles from The Manor House Inn at Rilla Mill mainly off road on footpaths.Go down over the bridge and take the road Left. Follow this to the junction and turn Right.Just past the houses spot the footpath going up steps on the Left and though a pedestrian gate.Continue straight ahead to the gate with […]Read More »

Family Quiz - Hedgerows in April

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Tregoiffe 9 miler

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Coads Green 7 mile walk

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THANK YOU for the great feed back on the 1st Treasurer Hunt, so here’s another one.Read More »

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