Recycling for Charity.

Our Community Energy group SHARE has joined Terracycle, recycling program, to reduce the amount of plastics that can’t be recycled kerbside and can be used as a valuable resource for KicksCount charity to help reduce UK stillbirths.
Oct/Nov 2020 Update: We are collecting your sorted items on set days and times in the car parks.
Thurs Oct. 22nd 9am -10am Callington Tesco, aisle opposite store entrance
Thurs Oct. 22nd 2:30 -3:30pm Tavistock Morrison’s by the recycling skips.
Fri. Oct 23rd 2:30 -3:30pm Saltash B&M
Sat. Oct 24th 10am -2pm Bude Artisan Mkt at Neetside Methodist church
Nov 10th Stoke Climsland Old School 8:45 – 9:20am
Nov 10th Treburley, Springer Spaniel 10 – 10:30am
Nov 10th Tamar Valley AONB centre, Drakewalls 3 – 4pm
Nov 12th Launceston Tesco by the recycling skips 1:30 – 2:30pm
Nov 12th S. Petherwin Methodist Chapel on school road 3 – 3:45pm
Nov 12th Coads Green village hall 3:50 – 4:15pm
Nov 13th Saltash B&M 2:30 – 3:30pm
Nov 14th Upton Cross parish hall 8:30 – 9am
Nov 14th Liskeard cattle market 10 – 2pm
Nov 14th Pensilva by St. Johns church 2:30 – 3:15pm
Nov 15th Callington B&M 9 – 10am
Nov 15th Tavistock Morrison’s by the recycling skips 1 -2pm
BUDE Methodist Church, Neetside, bins are around the back.
GOLBERDON Bins are at the entrance to Green Meadows. PL17 7LT
This is the way it needs to be sorted into programmes, to limit the volunteers coming into contact with your items. Thank you, we appreciate your support. 
If you are on FB please join our group for updates and ask questions or you can email 

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Recycling for Charity update

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Full list of items that you can recycle:

  • all biscuits & crackers & cake  wrappers, no trays
  • triggers & pumps off bottles and latex style gloves
  • baby food pouches and lids & snack wrappers
  • plastic air fresheners and packaging
  • flexible packets from dishwasher tablets, salts and stain remover
  • Marigold branded gloves
  • used toothbrushes, electric heads, interdental brushes, toothpaste tubes and dental floss packaging, floss sticks/harps.
  • LOL Surprise brand products, packaging & accessories

Text 07305 044049 or email for any questions.

The manufacturers that sponsor the programmes dictate what can be accepted.

Remember its not the packet it’s what was in the packet that is important.

  • all sweets & chocolate wrappers  no foil or paper
  • all crisp & snacks, pringles, popcorn, pretzels & peanut packets
  • clean dry pet food pouches bagged, biscuits and food treats packs from ALL PETS
  • all personal care products in soft plastic tubes, inc. all plastics in hair dye kits and disposable gloves 
  • Lip sticks, balm & lip gloss, mascara & eye shadow compacts
  • Cheese packets & nets, stretchy bread bags
  • Pens, highlighters, markers, felt tips, correction fluid pots & mechanical pencils + Inkjet print cartridges.

ALL items must be sorted into the different programmes, not mixed. We cant handle and sort your items.

IF you have a large quantity of any sorted items email me and I’ll see if I can organise something for you. Thank you.

Garnier product packaging
snacks and crisp packets
dishwasher and home cleaning packaging
bread wrappers
pet food pouches and packets
Weleda plastic tubes
toothpaste tubes, toothbrushes and toothbrush heads

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PLUS Old mobile phones, cameras, gadgets, used stamps and unwanted jewellery can also be recycled for the Hill Pony Resources charity, who are supporting ponies here on our doorstep

Collection points removed as Covid risk.   Pets at Home Plymouth Rd. Liskeard,  Minions PO Shop, outside the Parish Hall Upton Cross, Coads Green old phone box, outside South Petherwin METHODIST Church, Pets at Home Hurdon Rd take all pet items in Launceston, M4KE 4 Race Hill, Launceston Library, Tesco Tavistock Rd. Launceston, Tre,Pol&Pen Lezant, Tavistock Tesco, Morrisons, Westmoor Vets Brook Lane, Play Planet Crelake Ind Est.  the library lobby Plymouth Rd. and ALL pet items to Mole Valley Farmers Tavistock. Number 4 the Orchard Gunnislake, White Hart pub Chilsworthy, instore Callington Tesco and inside the Tamar Valley Centre at Drakewalls. plus Pirans Playful Piskies softplay, Beeching Park Store Kelly Bray, Stoke Climsland Old School car park shed, Nanny Oakley’s café Biscombes Lane, Callington,  AND Archway Dental, Well Street, Callington and locations around South Hill parish at St Sampson’s church in the porch, at the Parish Hall (Golberdon) in the porch, at Trevigro by the bench. 

TESCO (and other supermarkets) recycle your clean plastic carrier bags,  frozen food bags, shrink wrap off cases of drinks and canned goods, toilet roll packs, postal packaging in fact all stretchy plastics.  

There are still a number of plastics that don’t recycle – all black plastic, rigid packaging, crinkly bags, we’re surrounded by it.  SOME people are making ECO Bricks, but its not straight forward and you should find a project first, many have stopped, make sure you have the correct size/shape bottle and know what weight to aim for.

Cornwall Council confirm our recycling is not being dumped in landfill anywhere. A small percentage is reprocessed in Europe, legally, responsibly and ethically. 
In August SHARE visited the Materials Recycling Facility(MRF), and the Energy Recovery Centre (CERC) Bodmin, to see the recycling and incinerator converting waste into electricity.

Please try and attend one of our sorting events, they have been very successful and informative. ALL WELCOME ! Email