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Parish Council Update

South Hill Parish Council November Report

A vacancy on the South Hill Parish Council has arisen due to the resignation of Cllr. Nick Easton. Cornwall council has advised that there has been insufficient demand for an election and the Council can now fill the vacancy by co option at it’s meeting to be held on 21st January 2020. Interested parties should apply in writing or by email. For further information about the role of a parish councillor and the co-option process please contact the Parish clerk.

Remembrance Service – The parish Remembrance Service held on Saturday 9th November 2019 was well supported and we thank everyone for attending. To reduce waste, the wreath will be removed and stored to be used again next year when the Council will still make its usual donation to the Royal British Legion.

Phone Box – Jody the mannequin that disappeared from the phone box has now been replaced with a new model who looks quite at home in her new residence. It was due to the kindness of a local parishioner that a new mannequin was found and brought back to the village. Replacing Jody was by far the most popular idea put forward for the phone box. A suggested book exchange, while a commendable idea, wouldn’t work here because the slugs and snails can easily get in.

Recreation Field /Play Area – The Council are looking at options to create a natural habitat wildflower area at the top of the recreation field, so if you have any ideas please let us know. The fencing around the children’s play area is in need of repair and the Council are looking at options and costs to get this replaced early in 2020. Minor repairs are carried out as soon as they are identified. The grass cutting contracts will be coming up for tender in the New Year and a decision will be made on costs and “best value”.

Climate Change – At the start of our November 2019 meeting, the Chairman Cllr David Skelton gave a short presentation on climate change and how we can all do our bit to help stop a world-wide climate emergency. Several members of the public attended and shared ideas on what measures could work in South Hill. Those present were challenged to make the top 10 pledges, see here and also to find out their own carbon footprint using one of the easy to use carbon calculators such as or

Temporary road closures – Over the next couple of months some temporary road closures are happening in the parish to enable utility companies to carry out some much needed maintenance work. We are currently aware of the following, but there may be others that transpire over the coming weeks:- o Junction North of Newlandcombe to Frogwell Road, Trevigro on 9th – 22nd December 2019 (24 hours) for Western Power works. o South Hill to junction south of Egypt on 23rd and 24th January 2020 (24 hours) for South West Water.

Potholes and Blocked Drains – If you come across a pothole, blocked drain or any other highway issues, the best way to report this is directly to Cornwall Council. The easiest way is to use a smart phone or computer. You will soon see if it has already been reported and you will get updated when the problem has been inspected and the work done. You can also phone 0300 1234 222.

Footpaths – The Council can now accept the help of volunteers to trim the public rights of way and complete minor maintenance work. To those who have already expressed an interest in helping with this work, thank you, and we will be starting early next year. For anyone who is interested please get in touch with Cllr Andrew Budd. You do not have to commit and volunteers will be supervised, and work in groups.

Parish Precept – The parish precept for 2020/2021 (from 1st April 2020) has been kept at £9,500. This enables us to run the parish, pay for the clerk and any general expenses associated with the Council. Parishioners may find that when your council tax statement is received in March 2020, it may indicate an increase in the parish element although this is not the case as far as the precept is concerned. The figures calculated are reflected on the calculation of not only the number of homes in the parish and their individual banding, but the amount of homes that are discounted for single occupancy, holiday homes and empty properties. Information and contacts –

Information on the Parish Council, including our meeting agendas and minutes, can be found on our website

Sharon Daw is our Cornwall Council Ward Member and her email address is

This just leaves me, on behalf the Parish Council, to send all our parishioners Seasons Greetings for a very Happy Christmas and Best Wishes for 2020.

Jenny Hoskin (Parish Clerk) telephone 01208 72789 or email

You will see that the parish council is advertising a vacancy because of the resignation of Councillor Nick Easton at the end of September. I’d like to thank Nick for his time as a Councillor. Nick spent many hours maintaining the play area and encouraging others to help too. I could depend on him to remind the Council if we weren’t following our own policies correctly and to suggest ways that we could make the business of the Council more transparent. Nick would always talk to his neighbours and others from the parish to get their opinion on matters the council were discussing. An important part of how we best serve you. David Skelton Chairman – South Hill Parish Council.

South Hill Parish Council September Report

Thank you to all who came along to the Horticultural Show and submitted your concerns, comments and suggestions on parish matters.

The speeding of traffic through Golberdon continues to raise concerns for the Parish Council and we are hoping to receive some assistance to deal with the matter.  The police don’t have enough officers to tackle this directly. We have three volunteers for a Community Speed Watch Scheme. The CSW coordinator and our local police officer are working on the practicalities. If you have a few hours to spare to help, please let me know. You might prevent an accident, injury or worse. Traffic surveys generally have identified that local residents are often to blame for speeding in their area, becoming complacent with the road network and the local village status. Please SLOW down and help to keep everyone safe.

General maintenance repairs are being carried out to the children’s play area equipment and inspections are completed on a weekly basis to ensure the site is kept to an acceptable standard.  However, if anyone finds anything that raises concerns please let us know.

Our Cornwall Councillor, Cllr Sharon Daw has a small sum of money available for organisations to benefit the community.  Applications can be made to Sharon direct on

Alternatively there is funding from the Trefinnick Solar Farm that organisations or individuals can apply for.  There were lots of good suggestions made at the Horticultural Show such as a community orchard/meadow/woodland or a green burial ground. For the Parish Hall, kitchen improvements, radiators, more solar panels, film club equipment and better marketing of the Hall for celebration functions. Other ideas were a community electric car, creating wildflower verges, grants for households to install more efficient and sustainable heating, grants for water butts and compost bins and an extra dog waste bin. All of these ideas are very welcome and in principle eligible for funding. For them to proceed further, YOU, either individually or with a local group need to provide more details with costs so that the parish council can evaluate them.

 The parish council considered a request from the Hall committee for funding for radiators in the kitchen, meeting room etc. More information was required about the running costs of the new heating system and the Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) payments that will be received before a decision could be made. Consequently, it was decided not to place an order for installing the additional radiators. It was agreed to proceed with the cavity wall insulation for the Hall using the existing funding.

The Parish Council continue to monitor planning in our parish and identify any aspects of development that do not have planning consent or do not comply with the conditions on the approval granted.  We are working with the planning officers from Cornwall Council to resolve matters within the parish, and liaising with neighbouring parishes on sites within the area.  We now have a central planning team that focuses on all planning within the eastern part of the county.   

As many will know, Jody the mannequin disappeared from the phone box.  We have collected suggestions for the future use of the old telephone kiosk and replacing Jody was the clear favourite. We are looking at the costs of Jody II.

Our September meeting is always a long one, as there is no meeting in August, and this one was no exception.

There was not time to discuss declaring a Climate Change Emergency in the detail that it deserves. It was agreed that councillors needed more information about what this means for a small council like ours and what practical measures local councils can take. Our neighbouring councils, St. Ive and Stoke Climsland, have each declared Climate Change Emergencies so it was decided to ask them to come and explain to us what they have done.

This will be a public meeting and we encourage you all to attend, sorry we don’t have the date yet, please look out for it.  

The parish Remembrance Service will be held on Saturday, 9th November at 2.30pm  Posters will be published nearer the time and information placed on the parish council website

Jenny Hoskin (Parish Clerk)

telephone 01208 72789 or email

Editor I note Openreach have been busy around Trevigro installing fibre broadband.

Over a year ago the Parish Council questioned why the property at 1 Moorland View, Golberdon had been left empty for so long. Many will have noticed the array of workman over many weeks working here, progress at last.

October PC meeting 15th , the 3rd Tuesday, starting at 7:30pm prompt.

South Hill Parish Council updates

The consultation on the proposed traffic calming measures on South Hill Road near the new estate, has now ended. Thank you to everyone who commented. It is evident that there is widespread opposition to the build-outs and these are not likely to be part of the final scheme. The proposed locations of the build-outs have been marked on the road but we have been assured that they will take their time before coming to a decision.

Your Parish Council and Stoke Climsland Parish Council have asked CORMAC to look at road safety at the Camelot Junction onto the A388. There has been a serious recent accident and numerous reports of near misses. Spending on road safety is determined by the number and severity of accidents. This junction is 177th on the list so is not dangerous enough to warrant anything being done.

Cornwall Council Planning Officers now work in Area teams rather than county wide so officers are more familiar with the area and local policy such as neighbourhood plans. Planning enforcement is now the responsibility of these teams. There are three sites in the parish currently being investigated.

The Trefinnick Solar Farm Community Benefit Fund has for several years been used for a variety of local projects. A balance sheet has now been produced showing all money received and projects funded since the first payment was received. In future the Parish Council will manage all receipts and grants using a separate, named bank account. If anyone has a community project that could benefit from this scheme please let us know or visit the Parish Council stand at the Horticultural Show where there will be more information about this fund and an opportunity to find out more about what the parish council is doing.

Our Cornwall Councillor, Cllr Sharon Daw also has a small sum of money available for organisations in her ward to benefit the community. Applications can be made to the Community Chest fund via the Caradon Community Network or email Sharon direct on

Parish Hall. Tenders are being invited for fitting radiators in meeting room, kitchen and toilets. If you know of anyone who may be interesting in this work, please ask them to contact our clerk by emailing or phoning 01208 72789.

The School bus was stopping at the crossroads in Golberdon rather than opposite the bus shelter, possibly because of the uncut verge which has now been dealt with. Citybus has been advised that this is dangerous because of the poor visibility and should now be dropping pupils off in the correct area.

Our contractor has been asked to cut the road side verge alongside the play area. It may have been done by the time you read this!

Openreach have confirmed that 34 premises in the PL17 7JR , PL17 7JS, PL17 7JT, PL17 7JU post code areas are part of the current fibre broadband programme. The remaining part of the parish (PL17 7NL,PL17 7NQ, PL17 7NH,PL17 7NJ) is not in this contract but there are other funding routes available and the Openreach manager is willing to visit and discuss these in more detail.

Over a year ago the Parish Council questioned why the property at 1 Moorland View, Golberdon had been left empty for several months. We were assured that refurbishment works were to be carried out and the home re-let to a local family. We are aware this has not happened and continue to question Cornwall Housing as to why the work has not been done given the need for local affordable rented properties and the number of families needing a home.


South Hill Annual Parish Meeting the Parish Hall, Golberdon. Wednesday 15th May 2019

40 people attended, using the main hall for displays by local groups and inspected the work on the hall improvements to date. The floor still needed to be finished so the group moved into the meeting room, cosy but proved 30 people can be seated there no problem.

Cllr David Skelton welcomed everyone, thanked the W.I members for providing and serving the refreshments and gave his report.

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Parish Hall new floor

The hall is now open after the old rotting floor has been replaced with new oak flooring and also installed under-floor heating and a ground source heat pump. THANK YOU to our PARISH COUNCIL for securing a grant with SITA, we thank them for their input. THANK YOU to the HALL COMMITTEE  for securing a BIG LOTTERY grant and juggling all the balls at once. Thank You to Garry Middleton-Batts the project manager and Mike Palmer the main contractor.  Thank you to all involved and the patience of the regular hall users. We now have a hall we can be really proud of and which is now warm and dry and redecorated. There are still items to be completed namely the kitchen, BUT WE ARE OPEN FOR BUSINESS.

THIS IS HOW WE DID IT! Thank You Peter Tulloch for the photos.

  • Lots of dust and rubble

  • Damp proofing and reinforcement

  • Pumping concrete

  • Insulating the floor

  • Underfloor heating pipes

  • Concrete screed

  • Ground source trenches

  • Ground source underground pipwork

  • Filling in trenches

  • All filled in

  • Plant room

  • New floor on the way

  • Almost finished...

  • New storage under the stage

  • A beautiful finish - and warm too!

South Hill Parish Council – March 19th 2019 meeting

Parish Council meetings are held on the third Tuesday of each month at 7.30pm. Members of the public are welcome to attend to address the council at the start of the meeting with any matters or questions or just sit in and stay for the meeting or leave at any time.

Parish Hall Refurbishment    The Parish Council has worked alongside the Parish Hall Committee to obtain funding to carry out some refurbishment works.  The Hall will be closed for up to six weeks when a new hall floor and heating system will be installed.  Grant funding has been obtained to cover most the costs.  There is a small amount of ground works required for the heating system so this will involve closing the recreation field while a trench is dug and pipes installed.  Notices will be displayed on all entrances but limited access will be allowed to the children’s play area. Although this may cause some inconvenience for a short period of time, the work will give us all a much improved hall for the future.

The next Parish Council meeting on the 16th April 2019 will therefore be held at St Sampsons Church; same time 7.30pm.  Please get in touch if you have any questions.

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Roll of Honour

Roll of Honour Servicemen from South Hill Parish who died in the two world wars 1914-18 and 1939-45

Private John Garfield Doney Aged 21 The London Regiment. Son of William & Martha Doney, Wagmuggle.

Private Thomas Drew Aged 29 The Somerset Light Infantry Son of Mr and Mrs William Drew from Pensilva

Private Percy Jenkin Aged 22 The Duke of Cornwall’s Light Infantry. Before enlisting, he lived at Manaton where he worked as a waggonner.

Private William Gordon Landry Aged 24 The Essex Regiment Son of William & Elizabeth Landry, Trevigro.

2nd Lieutenant Herbert Gloyne Forster-Morris Aged 19 The South Wales Borderers Only son of the Reverend Herbert and Mrs Forster-Morris, the Rector of South Hill.

Private William Nicholas Stephens Aged 28 The Duke of Cornwall’s Light Infantry Son of Stephen and Harriet Stephens, of Pear Tree Row, Callington.

Sapper Vernon William Buckingham Aged 21 The Royal Engineers Uncle of Jill Reynolds & Shirley Shears.

Also remembered from this parish, but not named on the war memorial

Able Seaman Stanley Jenkin, brother of Percy Aged 18 Lived at Trewassick where he looked after the cattle. Read more here.

John Henry Dennis Chief Stoker aboard HMS Earnest died aged 39


Aaron Rogers Petty Officer on HMS Vivid died aged 40, both are buried in South Hill churchyard. Their graves can be found next to each other in the row of graves nearest to the road wall.

South Hill Parish Council

South Hill Parish Council

The Annual General Meeting of the Council was held on 15th May. All Parish Councillors attended.

David Skelton was elected as Chairman and Dan Smith as Vice-Chairman for the forthcoming year.

Planning applications PA18/02989 for a replacement agricultural building at Lower Woodland Farm and PA18/03342 for a change of use and extension of an agricultural barn to residential at Jordan were discussed. The Council’s comments and details of all other planning applications can be viewed here

Regarding PA17/09824 Swallow’s Rest, Golberdon, it was reported that after further consultation with the planning officer which resulted in some welcomed changes to the proposal, the Parish Council agreed to reconsider its previous response and agree with the recommendation to the planning officer to approve the application with conditions.

The Council had not been informed about any progress with ongoing planning enforcement cases in the parish.

The Parish Council is cooperating with The Hall Committee to replace the wood floor in the main hall. Quotations were opened and a recommendation made to the Hall Committee. There was a preference for a hardwood floor but this will be more expensive. Applications are being made to the Big Lottery Fund and Viridor. The Hall committee has also set aside £3,000 but some of the money will have to come from fund raising within the parish so please support these events.

Parish councillors and other volunteers have completed most of the maintenance tasks needed in the Play Area. Another session is needed to complete the work, which will be publicised. Thanks in advance to anyone willing to muck in and to those that have already helped.

The management of a couple of allotments needs to be improved because weeds and seeds are having an unacceptable effect on neighbouring plots.

A list is being compiled of work that needs doing to our footpaths. This will be completed by our next meeting.

Our clerk, Jenny, who has been on an appropriate training course, was appointed as our Data Protection Officer.

The meeting, chaired by Dennis Hicks, ended with everyone warmly thanking him for the time and effort he has committed to serving the Parish.

Our AGM included the Annual Parish Meeting when anyone from the parish could discuss parish matters with our Cornwall Councillor or the parish councillors but no-one took this opportunity. In the last few months 50+ people have attended parish council meetings to give their views on planning applications which has helped to inform comments made by The Parish Council. There are plenty of other issues on which the Council would welcome your views. An example is the new Community Network Highways Scheme.

This is a new initiative giving the Caradon Network Area (that’s South Hill + 7 neighbouring parishes) £50,000 to spend on highway improvements of our choosing. It can’t be used for routine maintenance which rules out fixing drains and potholes. Proposals with wide public support which benefit more than one parish are more likely to succeed. Stoke Climsland Parish Council has proposed speed warning signs for Bray Shop. Linkinhorne and our parish are supporting the idea which will benefit all three. When you are next out on the road, think about good uses for that money. Let any of your Parish Councillors know or email the council, This scheme will be used by others from elsewhere  if you don’t!

Please note that the first part of this report is selective, based on notes taken during the meeting. Full and formal minutes of the meeting will be approved at the next meeting.

David Skelton

February email update


Pub Quiz – this is now being held regularly again at the Church House Inn, Linkinhorne, on the last Thursday of each month, 7.30pm for 8pm start.  The February quiz will be on Thursday 22nd (tomorrow)

The Young Farmers charity DUNG SALE is this Saturday EMAIL or phone Cat Ede to book your order. 07900381890

Saturday evening. BEETLE DRIVE 7pm start Parish Hall Golberdon. £3 per person including refreshments. In aid of the Parish Horticultural Society. 

SHARE will be planting our free tree whips on Saturday 24th. We’re looking for youngsters and others to help so please get involved, meet at the Golberdon play park at 9:45am. Thank you. If you have reserved trees these will be available to collect on Saturday from Green Meadows. Mike will be here.(watching the rugby). If you haven’t confirmed you want any trees yet. DO IT NOW. Thank You. Email or phone Ali 384544

The woodland visit to Trematon has now be confirmed for next Monday 26th, car sharing from Green Meadows at 10am. Join us as we visit a young mixed species wood, plus an established wood which has had no management and another which is described as “the most beautiful wood I’ve ever seen” and reaches down to the beach on the north side of the Lynher.  All welcome email for numbers or phone Sue 382397.

Parish Hall Wi-Fi (SHARE In Our Community) – there is currently a fault with the broadband connection at the Parish Hall.  It seems to have failed just after midnight on Tuesday 20th Feb.  We are looking into it and hope to get it reinstated as soon as possible.  As far as we know this is the first time this has happened.  Do you use the Hall wi-fi service?  If you have had any issues, please let us know by emailing

Ultra fast fibre Broadband to the premises is now available from Cabinet number 4 and covers South Hill, Mornick, Lansugle and Trewassick.  If you make enquiries and find out any more, please email so we can let others know.

Tenders are invited to contact the Parish Council for grass cutting and strimming in the recreational field, see the PC web site for details.

Parish Council reminder: All roadside hedge-trimming should be completed by the end of February 2018.

The Parish Hall floor needs replacing. Funds need to be raised and quotes for the work. Contact Chair Nick Easton with suggestions.

There are a couple Eastern European men with a white Ford Transit van registration number NJO3 RKA in the area stealing what they can. They targeted this area last year and have come back. Keep your eyes peeled and call the police if you see anything suspicious. GOOD NEWS…  we understand that these two unsavoury characters have now been arrested.

South Hill Parish Council update

The absolute deadline for submission of nomination papers is the 4th April.

A Councillor… Who Me?

Could you be one of the Parish Councillors who will be elected in May to take a lead in serving the South Hill community?

To be a Local Councillor you must be at least 18 and a British, Commonwealth or European Citizen. You also need to be a local elector or have lived, worked or owned a property in the parish  for at least a year.

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