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South Hill Parish Housing Need Survey Report results

South Hill Housing Need Survey Final Report V0.1 (

Housing Need Survey

  • A survey of local housing need was carried out by Cornwall Council’s
    Affordable Housing Team, on behalf of South Hill Parish Council, between 20th
    March 2023 and 30th April 2023.
  • The survey was sent to 225 households in the parish, and 65 responses were
    received – a response rate of 29%.
  • 12% of respondents stated they were in need of affordable housing, 100% of
    which stated they had a local connection to the parishes.
    o 6 (75%) want to live Anywhere in the Parish
    o 2 (25%) want to live in Golberdon
    o 2 (25%) were interested in self-build housing
  • The survey identified 6 ‘hidden households’ that are not registered with

CORNWALL COUNCIL encourage all parishes to consider conducting a parish survey.

Parish and other housing need surveys:

  • Provide vital information about the housing need in an area
  • Help in planning new developments
  • Help to show the need for affordable housing
  • Help show the level of community support for new development.
  • Parish surveys can help to produce a Parish Plan, which sets out a vision for a parish.

You can see other parishes that have had recent housing need surveys here Housing needs surveys and reports – Cornwall Council

Parish council Bridleway application

Taken from the Parish Council report of the meetings held on 16 May 2023

Some details have been obtained of the application by the British Horse Society for bridleways. The application has now been validated by Cornwall Council with details viewable from the following link and search for WCA 823.

Editor : This is what I found. 823 and 824

Modification Order Application Details | Modification Orders (

Modification Order Application Details | Modification Orders (


The South Hill Parish council approved this draft at their April meeting and will now be passed to SHARE for their comments, and can be further discussed at the PC Annual Meeting on Wednesday 31st MAY 7:30pm start.

Any comments you have can be voiced at the meeting or you can contact Cllr. David Skelton with your thoughts and ideas.

South Hill parish Housing Survey

South Hill Housing Needs Survey | Let’s Talk Cornwall

Here are other parishes survey results > Housing needs surveys and reports – Cornwall Council

FROM OUR PARISH COUNCIL: HOUSING NEEDS SURVEY: It’s never been easy to buy or rent a home in Cornwall where prices are higher than average but wages are below average.  The number of homes for rent has gone down in recent years because of the number of houses sold for second homes or for holiday rental. Thankfully in this parish, that has had minimal effect but it is still very hard for anyone who grows up locally to get a job which pays well enough to afford a home here. 

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Parish Council meeting February 21st 2023

South Hill Parish Council, the meeting held on 21st February 2023 included the following topics:

THE VACANCY on the parish council has been filled by the co-option of Mr Jim Gale, who lives in Trevigro. Jim was a councillor for several years then stood down in 2020. Jim has valuable business skills and now has more time. Although he was the only candidate and councillors didn’t have to fill the role, they were very pleased to welcome Jim back onto the council.  

PLANNING APPLICATION PA22/09010 to convert stables at Taylors Shop to 3 holiday lets was supported but the council had serious concerns about road safety and the location of the proposed access onto the B3257.

RECREATION FIELD : Quotations were received for the tree surgery required to make the trees in the recreation field and play area safe. A local contractor was chosen with the proviso that the work is soon completed..

A proposal to manage the Recreation Field differently with more thought given to wildlife was received from local resident Andrew Price. There were some interesting ideas which the Council will follow up, and have a site meeting in the field.

CHEESEWRING CRICKET CLUB is still interested in using the Field. There is work to do on the risk assessment, insurance and bookings before the agreement can be finalised.

FOOTPATHS: The footpath at Woodland House, Maders is still obstructed, and the council has not had a reply to the letter sent to the landowner. The obstruction will be reported to the Countryside Access Team at Cornwall Council.

Notices have been posted on the track from near Jenant to Kelly Bray, the track which joins this one from Maders AND Water Lane, Mornick. The Parish Council have not been consulted on these applications to change the status of these tracks so will make enquiries.

THE NEW REPLACEMENT DEFIBRILLATOR has been fitted, at the Parish Hall, Golberdon, the cabinet is not locked. As before, if you find someone having a heart attack, start CPR, ring 999 and get someone to fetch the defibrillator. Turn it on and follow the instructions. Some sessions are being planned so that anyone interested can familiarise themselves with the equipment. This is NOT First Aid training. To ensure the defibrillator is always available for use, a few simple weekly checks are required. If you are near the Hall regularly and could do this, sharing this task with others, please contact the Council.

THE HOUSING NEEDS SURVEY has been slightly delayed. It is expected that the survey will be live by the time you read this! Letters will be sent to all residents containing a link to the survey. The survey is intended to run for 6 weeks after which the Affordable Housing Team will analyse the data and produce a report on South Hill parish housing needs.

ALLOTMENTS:   Two allotments are available to rent in the new allotments, next to the Jubilee Orchard. If you are interested in an allotment please contact Cllr. Carol Samuel 07777 695 870.   

GRANITE TROUGH:  There was some useful feedback on possible sites to re-locate the trough. The consensus was to keep it as near as possible to its original site near Lamberts Well. It was agreed to contact CORMAC in order to find out if recessing the trough further into the bank, so that it didn’t project into the road, would conform to their requirements. If this is possible, the landowner is supportive provided the stability of the hedge is not affected.

CORMAC will be asked to return the trough to the parish for safe keeping until the exact location is agreed.

PARKING CHARGES in Car Parks throughout Cornwall are changing. The Free Parking on Sundays is due to end, but parking everyday will be free after 4pm. In Callington, the free first hour was being paid by the COOP. Callington Town Councillor Andrew Long is working with Cornwall Council to have this re-instated. The Parish Council is supporting Cllr. Long as this will benefit businesses in Callington and those of us who use them.

UPDATE FROM: Cllr David Skelton. For fully accurate information as to council meetings, readers should consult the minutes of council meetings at

All communication should be directed to Jenny Hoskin (Parish Clerk) Telephone 07810 234417,  email or write to Branston Farm, Bodmin Road, Bodmin PL30 4BB

NEXT meeting March 21st, starting at 7:30pm at the Parish Hall. All Welcome.

Parish Council meeting January 17th 2023 meeting

Details of the meeting held on 17th January 2023 included the following topics:

COMMUNITY NETWORK HIGHWAY SCHEME: The scheme allows the Parish to suggest road improvements in the local area. Already being considered by Caradon is a 40 mph speed limit on South Hill Road from the end of the 30mph limit to the junction with Redmoor Road. It was discussed at the meeting whether this could be extended along South Hill Road through Maders thus reducing the speeding problems. Your thoughts on this or any other suggestion for capital road improvements, not road repairs, should be sent to: Jenny Hoskin (Parish Clerk) details below.  

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February 2023 Newsletter

In this edition:

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January 2023 Connection Newsletter

In this edition:

  • Reflecting on 2022
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