Frogwell 6.5 miles Saturday February 25th 10am start.

February 2023 walk will start at Callington Free car park….

6.5 miles Start at Callington FREE Car Park on Saltash Rd by Aysshton Gardens 

On the road turn Right and follow the pavement past the Primary School and cross the road. Turn Left onto New Rd and follow past the BUS STOP to Fore St. Turn Left. Pass JOHN SMITHS TYRES and cross the road, At the corner veer off Right towards the Health Centre.

Just before the Health Centre, turn Left onto FROGWELL Rd

Follow this all the way to Frogwell. Just before you come to the junction, spot the small FP sign on the right, directing you to the left, through a wooden pedestrian gate of Frogwell Farm, across the concrete yard, heading left up the slope, through and up and out of a garden area, up to a stile.

Once over the stile walk diagonally up and right across the field, to a gate. (Not the field top gate) Keep going across the fields till you reach the farm at Pencrebar and FP disc signs will direct you RIGHT onto a track. This track will take you down to the main road, Turn Right, keep on the verge, just before Callington Newbridge turn Right.

Follow the road to THE MILL (Alphas maybe in the field on the left) Spot the footpath sign on the corner and cross the field straight ahead. Slightly right, to see a footbridge and stile. Go ahead and then keep up the field and spot the stile behind the gate and another in the far hedge. Continue through a paddock area and onto the road. TURN LEFT.

Follow the road, down past the water works and then TURN RIGHT. Follow up the road and see the footpath sign directing you to HAYE MILL down a track on the right. Continue through a gate and straight ahead to a new wooden pedestrian gate.

Follow the wire fence (This wood was planted with broadleaf trees in 2017, replacing larch and pine) Keep going you’ll eventually see a working water wheel over the hedge on your right, the track leads down to a gate to the mill entrance. Turn LEFT up the driveway to the road, Turn Left, note the interesting mileage marker on the left. Cross the road and see the footpath sign through the gate to Bearland cottage, just before you go through the gate, spot the parish boundary stone on the left.

Follow the driveway, up and past the house, through a metal gate. Spot the footpath disc sign on the right and follow through the wood. Eventually, you’ll see solar panels in the field on the right. Continue up the track, not too muddy I hope, to a gate into a yard.

Keep straight ahead to the road.. TURN LEFT.. onto Haye Rd. Follow to the junction and turn RIGHT onto South Hill Rd and pass the FIRE STATION. At the junction (Bowling Green) go straight ahead. Follow this road, cross and keep going up FLORENCE Hill.

When your legs start aching you’ll see a footpath sign on the right. Follow this track ALL THE WAY  (you’re behind the College) to the main road (Tavistock road, you’re now just below TESCO) TURN RIGHT  and cross the road.

Turn LEFT onto HAZELWOOD Rd, Right onto BEECH Rd, and through to the main SALTASH Rd. TURN Left , if you have any strength remaining TURN LEFT up the steps into the recreational field and either head for the zip line or back to the cars.