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FROM OUR PARISH COUNCIL: HOUSING NEEDS SURVEY: It’s never been easy to buy or rent a home in Cornwall where prices are higher than average but wages are below average.  The number of homes for rent has gone down in recent years because of the number of houses sold for second homes or for holiday rental. Thankfully in this parish, that has had minimal effect but it is still very hard for anyone who grows up locally to get a job which pays well enough to afford a home here. 

The Parish Council has recognised that we don’t really know what need there is, either in terms of numbers or the type of housing, which is the reason for this survey. By taking this initiative and following a Community-led Housing model, our community will have a leading role in choosing the type of new homes that we need most.

 The housing needs survey for the Parish is now open with all households in the Parish receiving details by letter of how to complete the forms online.  The survey can completed by visiting   The closing date for the survey is 30 April 2023.  Whilst mostly the survey is designed for people living in the Parish, others with a local connection but living elsewhere are allowed to fill out the details to enable local needs for affordable housing to be determined

Once completed, the results of the survey will help the Parish Council to make progress towards meeting affordable housing needs in the Parish. Mr Jonathan Pollard, Development Officer for the Housing Revenue Account at Cornwall Council has been invited to talk to the Parish Council about how to make progress in this matter. Mr Pollard has considerable knowledge about the history of Moorland View, a possible development site in Golberdon.  Our Neighbourhood Development Plan supports the building of small scale affordable housing on the edge of existing settlements where there is a local need.

South Hill Housing Needs Survey | Let’s Talk Cornwall