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South Hill Parish Council update

The absolute deadline for submission of nomination papers is the 4th April.

A Councillor… Who Me?

Could you be one of the Parish Councillors who will be elected in May to take a lead in serving the South Hill community?

To be a Local Councillor you must be at least 18 and a British, Commonwealth or European Citizen. You also need to be a local elector or have lived, worked or owned a property in the parish  for at least a year.

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From Cllr. Steph McWilliam – written for March 2017

Well this is my last newsletter as your Cornwall Councillor for this administration. By the time the next edition comes out, we will be into the campaign period for the May election and it will be inappropriate for me to be using your parish magazine for communicating with you. I therefore want to thank you for your support over the last four years. It has been an honour and a privilege to be your representative. It has been a difficult period because of the huge savings that had to be made in the council’s budget but I hope I have made a small contribution to minimising the impact.

I am proud of my local community and wish the very best to whoever you choose to represent you for the next four years. Despite the above, I remain your councillor until the election on May 4th so, if you have any problems relating to council services, please don’t hesitate to give me a call. (01579 362037) Continue reading

A Newsletter produced by and for the Parish of South Hill

Latest Newsletter!

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Newsletter number 94, October 2021

Your newsletter with news, events, information, silly stuff, important stuff.  Keep sending your items, photos, history, ANYTHING of interest email Thank You.

In this edition of the South Hill Connection:

  • Lots of events
  • Parish Party – was a huge success – read all about it
  • Autumnal Apple recipe
  • Bats in the Belfry
  • Autumn in South Hill
  • Church, WI, SHARE & Parish Council updates

And much more…

Newsletter full version – click here…  and Condensed version here (with no adverts and fewer pictures, for slow internet connections!)

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From Cllr. Steph McWilliam – February 2017

I am going for a good news sandwich this month. Firstly, as I have said before, there are many things that Cornwall Council does well. My current favourite is a competition to build a rocket car with the prize being a trip to South Africa to see the trials of the Bloodhound programme. Many schools are involved with this and it is a great way to encourage the study of STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths) subjects. I have stood next to the Bloodhound at an Expo at Newquay Airport last year and can assure you it is even more impressive close up. Good luck to everyone involved. Continue reading

Church Matters, September 2015

TheRevAt the time of writing the “Migrant” crisis is still in full swing, taking up much newsprint, TV airtime and political ping-pong. It’s been moving along at such a pace that I suspect that by the time you read this in early October the whole situation may have entered an altogether new phase, whatever that may be. It has been intriguing to see how the media, politicians and the world has responded over the past few weeks, and not all of it has been covered in glory.

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Cllr Steph McWilliam, Cornwall Council

CornwallLogoAt a recent meeting at County Hall, all the Group Leaders were committed to Cornwall Council’s efforts to help with the refugee crisis. However, we are also aware that we have a severe housing shortage and a funding shortfall for existing services. Officers are working with other councils, the LGA (Local Government Association), the government and various charities to ensure we do what we can without unintended consequences.

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