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Royal Cornwall Show bus from Age UK

Royal Cornwall Show coach trip – Saturday 8th June 2024

Age UK will be providing transport to and from the Showground, entry to the Showground and a pasty lunch at the discounted cost of £14.75 per person. Age UK have a marquee throughout the day for any of the group to rest and enjoy conversation. A refreshing beverage will be available from 3.15 – 4pm at no extra cost.

Complete the forms below and return to Jeff Edwards, in the post to our address at Boscawen House below, or by email (, as soon as possible, as places are limited; allocations will be on a first-come, first-served basis. It would be helpful if the forms could be received by Friday 19th April, with any booking adjustments and payments to be received by no later than Friday 3rd May.

Please note: All guests must be able to cope with getting on and off a coach, coach transport, the terrain of the Royal Cornwall Showground, a significant walk from the Showground car park to our marquee and back, and the anticipated volume of people, as well as potentially very warm weather. Individuals requiring support may be accompanied by a family member/carer, who will also be required to pay
£14.75. This offer is only valid using one of our coaches for travel to and from the Showground; the offer is not valid for those who wish to use alternative forms of transport.
I look forward to hearing from you. If you have any questions or queries about the event or this offer,
please feel free to call me on 01872 223388 or 01872 266384.

My EV Experiment – three months in.

I’ve always liked cars, and I’ve had all sorts. Big cars, little cars, new cars, vintage cars, diesel cars, petrol cars … but all with one thing in common. An engine. With the move to Electric Vehicles gathering pace, and with an outright ban on internal combustion engine (ICE) cars from 2030, I wondered whether I would like electric motoring. Could I live with reduced range between having to refuel, refuelling (or charging) taking hours rather than minutes? What are they actually like to drive and more importantly, what are they like to live with as a means of transport?

I wanted a way to find out without committing to buy one. Certainly, I wasn’t prepared to jump into EV ownership and part with my ICE car without understanding the day to day first. My solution? Lease one. If I like it, I can look around to see what to save up for. If I don’t, then just get the leasing company to take it away. So it was that a shiny red Kia Niro appeared on my driveway in July, courtesy of an offer from EDF. After all, they want to sell electricity…  Here’s my view after the first three months.

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South Hill Parish news

April 2024 South Hill Connection Newsletter.

In this edition:

  • Happy Easter enjoy the Egg Hunt, Trail & donkey
  • New council kerbside collection starts
  • Council Housing in the parish
  • Comedy Evening at The Parish Hall
  • St. Sampson’s Open Afternoon
  • Internet, which is the best provider?
  • Seasonal car parking ticket
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As well as the on line newsletter we also offer a print copy which can be delivered to you within the parish. We love your feedback and articles email to editor@south-hill  or call Ali on 07305 044049.

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Adventures in Portugal

Some of you might remember me

as Fiona Petto, from the days of the Scorpion Inn back in the 60s when my parents (John & Toinette) bought it and built on the Yew Tree dance hall but that is another story. Years past, I married Adrian (Adie) Wisher, had children and moved to Dorset where this story begins.

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“Owning a car of the future!”

As a result of an unfortunate incident involving a tractor, I had to look for a replacement van! I am very aware, as a regular cyclist, how damaging the effects of motor vehicle emissions are on the environment and on our health. In the UK alone, more than 50,000 premature deaths a year can be attributed to vehicle emissions. I also know how big a hole in my pocket filling up my diesel van was making each month.

I knew that an electric vehicle could be the answer, but I still needed a van. Following a bit of research, I discovered the Nissan eNV200. But was it practical and was it affordable? Well it was certainly affordable, with a 100 miles costing about £3 of electricity, compared to about £15 in my old diesel van. Coupled with my solar panels, zero road fund licence rate and very low servicing costs, I was certainly going to be quids in.

But was it practical? It was significantly smaller than my previous van but with van hire from £30 a day the crucial consideration was range. Nissan optimistically quote a range of 106 miles on a full charge, but real world conditions make it more like 75 miles.  It takes a different approach, but you soon adapt, taking every opportunity to charge. Unlike petrol stations, electricity is everywhere! The ‘rapid’ chargers as found in the Co-op car park are only required for long journeys or ’emergency’ top ups, 99% of the time you can charge at home or at work. Continue reading

Darrens Cars Taxi Service

Darren also provides a ring and ride service subsidised by Cornwall council that serves Rilla Mill-South Hill- Maders  and then into Callington on a pre-booked daily service ( Monday to Friday)

It needs to be pre-booked at the latest 5 PM the day before travel . 920 from Rilla Mill
Return from Callington 1230
Senior citizen bus pass holders travel for freeDARRENSCARSAD