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Tamar Grow Local 10th anniversary

Tamar Grow Local is 10 years old in 2017 Help them celebrate at some of the following events in October! 

Wed 4th October – Honey Fair, Callington Come along to see live honey extraction demonstrations and enjoy a slice of honey cake. There’ll be honey on sale, details of bee-keeping courses and bee-keeping sundries for sale.

Thursday 5th October – Heralds of Spring Daffodil Conference, Tamar Valley Centre celebrating the 2017 Heritage Lottery funded daffodil project focusing on observation and identification of Tamar Valley daffodils. Share findings, hear daffodil experts, listen to oral histories and buy bulbs for the coming season. Free tickets available here

Thursday 5th October – Food & Farming Pub Quiz, The Carpenters Arms, Metherell Get your team together for the TGL quiz which is everything food, farming and the Tamar Valley. Swat up on your vegetables, plants, animals and current affairs to become our winning team! To book a place, please contact or call (01579) 208412  £2 per person with funds donated to the Grow, Share, Cook project.

Friday 6th October –Tamar Grow Local 10 year celebration, Tamar Valley Centre Join us for a day of talks and discussion from inspiring food projects and funders from across the UK. Speakers from Real Farming Trust, Plymouth City Council, Open Food Network UK and Tamar Grow Local and learning how these groups are working towards building a more sustainable food economy. Theere’s also a market gardening exhibition and a mini farmers market so you can stock up on goodies. Full details and tickets available here 

The day is ticketed on a contribution scheme so please leave the free tickets for those who may not be able to meet the cost of attending. This event is not-for-profit, TGL are looking to meet the costs of providing lunch and speaker travel expenses. For further details, visit the website at

Saturday 7th October – Apple & Chilli Festival, Apple Pressing. Carpenters Arms, Metherell, 10am – 4pm Our monthly Brunch & Produce Market turns into a celebration of apples, chillies and Autumn produce in October. Bring your apples for pressing for a donation, Music from Robin Roper and over 25 varieties of chillies to try and buy!

Saturday 7th October – Foraging Walk, 2pm A circular walk introducing wild food foraging, identification of edible plants & how to create your own hedgerow salads. 2pm, £9, Meet at the Carpenters Arms. To book, please contact

Check out the TGL sowing guide here

Power The Night With Sunlight


from M&S Energy

South Hill Parish Hall in Golberdon has set its sights on using sunlight
– at night!

‘Power the Night with Sunlight’ – South Hill Association for Renewable Energy from Stuart Bailey on Vimeo.

SHARE (South Hill Association for Renewable Energy) community benefit group have applied for an M&S Energy Grant to install a Tesla Power Wall in the Parish Hall at Golberdon.

This will enable the energy generated from the solar panels to be stored for later use and dramatically help with heating and running costs, helping to keep the hall a viable and attractive venue.

Voting is finished now.  Thank you to all who voted for us and pledged money for our wonderful rewards.

We will hear on November 6th whether we have been successful with our bid

Collecting votes at M&S Plymouth

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SHARE Update

South Hill Association for Renewable Energy
Community Group


We are pleased to announce that SHARE has been shortlisted for funding from the M&S Energy Community Energy Fund.  This year £300,000 will be awarded to support renewable energy projects and technologies across the UK.  Last year 25 projects received funding, and this year we hope to earn our share.

The project we are proposing is to install a Tesla Powerwall 2 energy store at the Parish Hall to take full advantage of the roof-top solar PV system. At present, this is only of direct use to Hall users during the day, and excess generation is exported to the National Grid.  With batteries, energy could be stored and used during the evenings too.  This is particularly exciting in view of the recent announcement by the government that they plan to support the further development of battery technology for this purpose.

The judges base their decisions partly on the merit of the project, but also on support from the public. The voting and crowdfunding stage will take place in September and October.  Our fund –raiser, Astrid Fischer, has just started working on the next stage of the M&S bid.  A small team is already helping her to expand support for our project.  If you are able to help please step forward.

AGM – Thursday September 21st 2017, 7:30pm Continue reading

Church Matters August 2107

Some years before we moved to Cornwall a young man started attending the same church as us in West London. He came from St Austell and was in the habit of referring to Cornwall as “God’s Own County” – seeming to imply that it had some favoured status in God’s eyes. At the time we found this amusing and rather quaint. Looking around us now where we live in Rilla Mill – and comparing it to the landscape of suburban London we might be more inclined to agree with his sentiments – we certainly consider ourselves fortunate to be able to enjoy such surroundings all the time. But are we favoured? Is this some blessing from God?

It seems clear that to live in a part of the country which demonstrates an abundance of the good things in God’s creation shows that there are indeed blessings to be found here. However the statistics, showing lower than average income and the ratio of income to average house prices for the county, indicate that not everyone may feel so blessed. Cornwall has received significant funding from Europe as it is seen as a relatively poor region although the accuracy of the statistics on which this was based may be disputed. So is Cornwall favoured? Is it “God’s Own County”? Continue reading

Astrid the Plankton Analyst

When friends ask me what I do, I normally say I work at the Sir Alister Hardy Foundation for Ocean Science, as a plankton analyst. People always look at me puzzled, then I explain, and soon they are fascinated.

When at the seaside, you see the beach and the ocean, but you fail to realise the plankton that is out there and the important role it plays. Plankton comes from the Greek ‘planktos’ which means ‘to drift’, plankton are the tiny organisms that drift on the currents in the ocean. There is phytoplankton, which is plant plankton and zooplankton, which is animal plankton. They are tiny organisms, not seen by the naked eye.

The Victorians already knew about their beauty and made diatom slides, which took a tremendous amount of effort to make, shifting individual plankton cells into an arrangement.

People do not realise that plankton produce every other breathe we take. We worry about the rainforest, as it is so visual, but we forget about the other major contributor to our oxygen production, the tiny plankton that live in the sea.

There is more life in a drop of seawater than anyone realises. Continue reading

Who was St Sampson?

Recently our church received a beautiful quilted banner from South Hill Piece Makers of St Sampson, the patron Saint of our Church, but who was he? Why is this church dedicated to him? We know a few things basis in historical fact.

Of all the so-called ‘Cornish’ saints, Sampson is the only one for whom there appears to be documentary evidence written at the time he was alive: there is a reference to a bishop, probably our St Sampson signing his name with other bishops who attended a church council in Paris in 562. Sampson also has the distinction of being the only ‘Cornish’ saint whose biography, was written less than 200 years after his death.

Sampson was the son of a noble family from South Wales, born in the early 500s. He was regarded as a miraculous child because he was born when his parents had long given up hope of having a child and was named after the Biblical Samson in the book of Judges.  He was educated in a monastery at Llantwit Major where he eventually became ordained. Continue reading

Raising Funds for St Sampson’s

St Sampson’s Church are contacting architects to draw up plans for our renovations and improvements to the building and we are also looking at many funding options.

Did you know that whenever you buy anything online – from your weekly shop to your annual holiday – you could be collecting free donations for St Sampson’s Church, South Hill?

There are over 3,000 shops and sites on board ready to make a donation, including Amazon, John Lewis, Aviva, the trainline and Tesco – it doesn’t cost you a penny extra

It’s as easy as 1, 2, 3… 

1. Head to and join for free.

2. Every time you shop online, go to easyfundraising first to find the site you want and start shopping.

3. After you’ve checked out, that retailer will make a donation to your good cause for no extra cost whatsoever.

There are no catches or hidden charges and St Sampson’s Church, South Hill, Cornwall will be really grateful for your donations to help with the ongoing upkeep of this beautiful church.

Thank you for your support.


Connection News Updates June 26th

At the Parish Council meeting on Tuesday 20th June the Community Benefit Payment (income from the Trefinnick Solar Farm) was discussed:

3 ideas from SHARE were put forward : £400 to upgrade the Parish hall urn with an on demand energy saving boiler. £1500 towards match funding for energy storage batteries for the Parish hall, to maximise the power generated by the solar panels and £500 would ensure free energy saving light bulbs to every household in the parish.

St Sampson’s Church would like to replace some lights, at a cost of £2000

And suggestions from the PC were to provide additional car parking in the recreational field. Some thought parking should be made available at the top of the field by the football pitch, or closer to the hall.

If you have any thoughts on this, contact a PC member or the clerk.   This will be further discussed at the July PC meeting.

The Neighbourhood Development Plan 6 week consultation period ends on July 7th .  Again if you have any comments, pass these to the PC clerk.

Cllr Sharon Daw gave her updates and comments read her monthly article here reflecting her concerns for the 52,500 new houses planned for the county.

A new Allotment contract will be further discussed next month and a coordinator put in place to report to the PC, if you would like to act as the go-between, let Jim Gale know or the PC clerk.

The Parish footpath monitoring team, reported on the state of the footpaths and asked for certain landowners to be contacted to improve the accessibility of some paths. The PC supported this, and were pleased a number of issues had already been resolved.

Local walks have been uploaded to the Connection web site and more will be added. If you have a favourite walk you’d like to share, email

On Tuesday June 27th 6pm there’s a Parish Footpath Walk starting at Golberdon crossroads. All Welcome.

The BT Phone box is due to be disconnected and a suggestion is to use the space to display parish maps and walks. If you have any other ideas contact the PC clerk.

Other news:

THIS THURSDAY June 29th 7:30 for 8pm start The Monthly Charity QUIZ at the Parish Hall Golberdon, Teams of 4, £1.50 pp All Welcome. BYO Drinks and nibbles and a Raffle Prize.

St Sampsons church. Thank you to all who have bought or donated plants. The monies raised will go to Callington food bank. More plants are now required . If you have any spare plants please leave them outside the church door entrance. Buy something new for yourself and leave donations in the jar.

I hope your sunflowers are growing well! To take part in the Horticultural Show, submit your details on Monday August 14th with your other show entries, including how tall the sunflower plant is and how tall the grower is. The Show is on August 19th, programmes are on line HERE and printed copied in a box outside the hall.

South Hill Rocks ! If you find a South Hill painted Rock, take a photo and post on FB or email  and hide again, and start painting your own rocks.

Callington Horse Show was on Saturday 24th at Polhilsa, you can see pictures on the South Hill FaceBook Page. It was good to see so many from the parish supporting this great charity event.

Have you all received the new recycling information leaflet! Good news: from 31st July more plastics will be collected in the existing plastic bottles, cans and tins recycling bags.

July 1st Callington Carnival

July 2nd 1:30 – 5pm Open Gardens at Anvil and Windmills at South Hill

July 13th – 16th S.H Piece Makers Patchwork & Quilting Exhibition at The Parish Hall Golberdon

July 26th 7pm SMITE fun evening at Rilla Mill BYOB. Let Ali or Nick know if you are interested in joining us.

June 28th Callington Free Business workshops Town TakeOver

July 29th 7pm Golberdon Girls Choir at St. Mary’s church, Callington.

ALL DETAILS and more on the Connection web site Events

 If you have events you want to share, news articles, for sale, trade, give away items, let us know!

Thank You


South Hill Connection Secretary

South Hill Horticultural Show

Schedule Final 2017

Classes include: Floral Art, Pot Plants, Fruits & Vegetables, Preserves, Cookery, Handicrafts, Photography and new tallest Sunflower Children’s classes include: Animal made from fruit & vegetables, Garden in a seed tray, Recycled model, Handwritten verse, 3 cup cakes, Mini pizza, Lego model, Decorated boiled egg, Photographs.

The Sunflower class is an addition to the Horticultural Show Programme, and is open to everyone, the winner will be the plant that has grown taller than the person that planted it.       On August 14th submit your entries including your height and the height of your sunflower!