Rilla Mill 6 miles ish walk with Russ

Saturday 19th February Start/Finish  :  The Manor Inn, Rilla Mill

Distance  :  6 miles plus  predominantly along footpaths

10:00  Departure  I anticipate this a 3 hour 30 min walk

Dogs welcome, expect dogs to be on leads.

Route  : Rilla Mill  –  Ley Mill  –  Phoenix United Mine  –  Henwood  – North Darley  –  Starra Woods  – Rilla Mill

Note : Parking either at the pub if you intend to make use of it upon your return; or, The Village Hall which is on the right going down hill towards the pub if you are not going to The Manor.

Donation to Royal British Legion at the end.

Russ Hanson

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Newsletter number 100, May 2022

In this 100th edition of the South Hill Connection:

  • 100 editions, 15 years – a trip down the Connection memory lane
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Please email or call THE NEWS DESK. Ali 07305 044049 or Areina 07788 300025

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SHARE – Spotlight on Recycling

Thank you

First of all, we’d like to thank our Cornwall Councillor Sharon Daw for a recent grant from her “Community Chest” fund.  We’re having hi-visibility vests made, with our logo on the back, for volunteers.  This will help reduce any risk to our regular volunteers collecting recycling (see below) in various locations; also planting trees, and helping with the firewood project.

SHARE Recycling for Charity project

The project continues to grow, thanks to our enthusiastic volunteers that help monitor collection bins, pick up, sort into boxes and send the vast amount of items to Terracycle every month. By saving these otherwise hard to recycle items from being incinerated, we are generating funds for charities.

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Parish Council meeting Dec 2021

South Hill Parish Council Details of the meeting held on 21 December 2021 include the following topics 

TOM BREWER:  Before the meeting began Tom was present at the unveiling of a Plaque in the hall in recognition of his 45 years’ service to the community as a Parish Councillor.  Tom made a short speech wishing the new councillors well and complemented the council on appropriateness of the new fence for the play area. 

BUDGET 2022: Following a discussion on how much funding to allocate for new equipment in the play area, it was decided to slightly reduce the council’s precept for the coming year. The budget was approved by the council. 

EMERGENCY PLAN: It’s at the printers and should be distributed early in the New Year.

PLAY AREA EQUIPMENT: The council is seeking funding from the National Lottery for help in buying and erecting new equipment in the extended area. It was decided to also send a short questionnaire with the Emergency Plan asking for opinions as to which equipment would be most suitable. Already over 72 questionnaires have already been received with various suggestions.

BRAY SHOP, DEFIBRILLATOR and NOTICE BOARD DOORS: Along with Stoke Climsland and Linkinhorne the council will contribute one third of the cost of a Defibrillator and for new doors to protect half of the new notice board.  

QUEENS PLATINUM JUBILEE 2 to 5 JUNE 2022:  At the next meeting the council will discuss ideas for events to celebrate the queen’s jubilee next year. Events associated with the New Orchard and the recreation field are being considered.

FIBRE BROADBAND for TREWOODLOE, BERRIO and EGYPT: The council approved signature by the Chairman and Vice Chairman of the contract, when available, for supply of Fibre Broadband. The Council will act as the Legal entity to allow grant money to be paid for the project. This is to enable the project to continue without delay once the proposal is received from Openreach.   

 UPDATES FROM: Pete Tunnicliffe (for fully accurate information as to council meetings readers should consult the minutes of council meetings at )

All communication should be directed to Jenny Hoskin (Parish Clerk)

Telephone 07810 234417 or email