Church Matters August 2023

Faith and Trust: I’ve been enjoying a biography on the life of Abraham, written by David Jackman. Abraham was getting on in years when he was first upped sticks and left the security of his home in Haran (possibly in modern Turkey). He left it all to go to the land of Canaan with his family and nephew Lot. He didn’t have an easy life nor was he perfect, yet he is known for believing that, not only did God exist, but that such a being was calling him to go on such an adventure.

As a person, Abraham is both colourful and inspiring for those about to embark on a spiritual journey. He had to search his soul and face his shortcomings. His encounters with God enlarged his understanding of who this all-knowing, all-powerful being was. This faith is something deeper than mere head-knowledge or about having feelings of something ‘other’ or spiritual.

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SHARE’s Latest Project

As you may know by now, we have secured an Option to purchase about four acres of land just outside Trevigro. This gives us first refusal and a fixed price for two adjacent fields, between the Trevigro-Haye footpath and the stream below the South West Water works.   Our working title for the project is “Quarry Bottoms” – from the names of the fields, Quarry Field and Bottoms Field.

A PROSPECTUS detailing our vision for this project is now available – read it here…

The prospectus begins with an introduction from our Chairman, then describes:

  • The location and extent of the piece of land
  • Its potential value to the community
  • Possible uses for the land
  • How we can finance the purchase

    As a companion to the prospectus, you can view a short aerial film of the land.  Taken on a lovely day in early Spring, and accompanied by atmospheric music, it shows the silvery beauty of the bare tree branches, the stream glinting through the trees, and the potential for a nature-friendly space in South Hill parish.  It’s on our SHARE YouTube channel at  

    Did you spot the buzzard at about 2m 10s?  Beautiful!

    The footpath from Trevigro to Haye passes alongside the fields.  Take a look by all means, but remember that the fields are private, farmed property.  SHARE does not yet own the land, so please keep to the path.

    Coming soon:

    • Competition to choose a name for the project
    • Feasibility study exploring the possibilities for the site
    • Financial projections (boring but necessary!)

    2023 Barrow Push

    Anthony Bagley, the new farm manager at Duchy College led the procession in a tractor on Saturday 24th June for St Sampson’s Church annual medieval barrow push and summer fete. Duchy College came to our rescue at the last minute to pull the trailer of dignitaries from Callington to South Hill.

    An assortment of decorated wheel barrows, were entered and wheelie bins from SHARE Recycling for Charity project were pushed the 2 miles from Callington to South Hill preceded by our Knight carrying the St Sampson’s banner, followed up by our local dignitaries; Callington Portreeve – Pete Watson, the town crier – Tony Stentiford and local lay minister Nigel Cooper.

    The winning ‘barrow’ was a wheelie bin with a real child inside! They were awarded the trophy made from the old bells headstock.

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    Cricket back at Golberdon. 25th June 2023

    Our first game after 40 years of playing cricket at Upton Cross was played at our new home of Golberdon on Sunday 25th June, after as much work on the wicket as we have been able to do with the wet winter/spring and then long dry spell after, we were apprehensive of how a wicket that had laid dormant for so many years would react or play.

    With our Captain Adam Piper winning the toss against Cornwall over 50’s we elected to bat, with slight trepidation our openers started slowly but within 5 or 6 overs realised that the pitch was playing remarkably well and started to attack the bowling as did the ensuing batsman and at the end of the first 40 overs at Golberdon in many years a total of 273-5 was amassed pretty impressive for a square that hasn’t see much action for many years.

    After a filling tea prepared by our amazing tea ladies we took to the field again.

    Cornwall over 50s a side that are always up for a challenge took it on but with some fantastic fielding and sharp bowling could only muster 110 all out in reply, we thank them for fulfilling the fixture and their company as always.

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    SHARE – Picnic In The Wild

    We’re keen to show people a piece of land which SHARE has the option to purchase (subject to the approval of our membership).

    So you’re invited to a picnic on Sunday July 23rd, from 11am to 3pm.

    The location is near Trevigro, less than 2 miles walk from Golberdon – OR you can meet us at the Recreation field and go by tractor and trailer!

    Bring your picnic and rugs or chairs.  We will provide additional snacks and soft drinks. Posters will appear on the Parish noticeboards with full details nearer the time, and SHARE members will receive an email update. Non-members can receive the update too, just let us know if you’re interested –

    If you’re not a member of SHARE, and would like to join, you can download a Membership application form (or Associate Membership for those not resident in South Hill Parish) from our web page

    Aderyn strings meets St. Sampson’s Giant Monk

    Music for a Summer evening came to St. Sampson’s, South Hill on 24th May,2023, thanks to the extraordinary generosity of a St. Sampson’s Unlocked sponsor.  Over 50 people filled the church to hear Cardiff-based string players, the Aderyn Quartet – who met St Sampson sharing their ‘green room’.

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    June 13th Liskeard to Looe bell walk.

    On a hot sunny day, we headed off on foot from Liskeard train station at 9am taking the road down to Lemellion and the site of the wool depot which closed in Feb 2021. Then taking tracks and footpaths stopping at Herodsfoot, All Saints, and popped in to see Ian the churchwarden and his dog Cheddy. Ian knew all about South Hill being a farm rep back in the day! A pretty little church with one bell, which we were allowed to ring, an interested bell rope …. The windows have recently been renovated by The Pipers, who have been working on St Sampson’s… and the community have painted the inside, with lots of scaffolding. Herodsfoot All Saints | National Churches Trust

    We followed a shady path alongside the West Looe river down to Watergate and into Looe…. where we ran into a couple locals and of course rewarded ourselves with ice creams. …. after nearly 12 miles well deserved. We took the 3:15pm train back to Liskeard.

    Bell walkers
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