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European Parliamentary Elections

Elections for the European Parliament are currently scheduled to take place in the UK on Thursday 23 May.

Full details on Cornwall Council website here…

Key dates

  • Registration deadline – Tuesday 7 May
  • EU citizens declaration form due – Tuesday 7 May
  • Postal vote application deadline – 5pm on Wednesday 8 May
  • Proxy vote deadline – 5pm on Wednesday 15 May
  • Polling day – Thursday 23 May

Are you registered to vote? 

The electoral register, also known as the electoral roll, is a list of everyone who is entitled to vote. 

You must be on the register to be able to vote at an election. Are you registered?

To vote in these elections, anyone who has never registered or has recently moved must register by Tuesday 7 May.

People must re-register if they’ve changed address, name or nationality.

If you are already registered you do not need to apply again unless your circumstances have recently changed.

Register to vote at:


Recycling for Charity

Save these valuable resources being wasted.  They can help our charities raise funds.

  • all biscuits and crackers packets, inc. penguin and similar bars & multiply pack wrappers
  • mini rolls and individual cake wrappers 
  • baby food pouches and lids, Ella kitchen and similar, plus the snack wrappers
  • used toothbrushes, electric heads and packaging and all tooth paste tubes
  • all crisp/snacks, pringles & peanut packets, please bag together  
  • > triggers and pumps off cleaning products
  • > plastic air fresheners and packaging
  • > flexible plastic cleaning wipe packets, any brand
  • > tops off washing up liquid bottles > all recycle together
  • all brands of bread bags 
  • all Weleda products in soft plastic tubes
  • contact lenses & all plastic/foil packaging, coming soon.
  • pet food pouches, biscuits and treats packs, please put the pouches inside a bag so as not to contaminate the other recycling
  • all used stamps, leave on the backing
  • old mobile phones, gadgets, cameras, unwanted jewellery, Sat Navs, games consoles, laptops & tablets, MP3’s and unwanted banknotes any country and if obsolete.

Please don’t mix in other plastics as I have to sort it out and in most cases these plastics can be taken to Tesco Callington in store recycling area. If in doubt contact me Ali 01579 384544, email or bring it to Green Meadows and we’ll sort it together or bring it to 

Tamar Valley AONB centre, Cemetery Road at Drakewalls Thursday May 30th 10am – 1pm

When we’ll be sorting out our recycling with SHARE, Cornwall Council and others. For more information visit

Join our Recycling for Charity. Facebook group


Come and meet the donkey

Palm Sunday, 25th March, St Sampson’s Church, South Hill, are planning an informal service, with a real donkey, A good natured miniature chap called Corduroy, who is a local resident. it will take place at Golberdon parish Hall at 10am We will have a short walk of witness and singing, led by the donkey, starting from outside Green Meadow, (on the road towards South Hill) to the hall, join us there or along the route, or at the hall, bring a branch to wave. This will be followed by a short friendly service, biscuit making for all ages, tea coffee and hot cross buns.
Contact for more information.

Thanksgiving for our animals

Thanksgiving service for our animals
Celebrating God’s care and concern for creation
Sunday 24th September 10am
St Sampson’s Church, South Hill

This will be a short informal service followed by coffee, tea, juice and the best cake ever.

Our lives are enriched by our animals. They bring us many blessings and they play a big part in our lives, giving us joy, companionship, livelihood and sustenance.
You are invited to bring your well behaved: dog, cat, rabbit, parrot, stick insect, sheep, horse or chicken, whatever, to give thanks for the part they play in your life.

Bring a photo of your pet past or present.

South Hill Horticultural Show

Schedule Final 2017

Classes include: Floral Art, Pot Plants, Fruits & Vegetables, Preserves, Cookery, Handicrafts, Photography and new tallest Sunflower Children’s classes include: Animal made from fruit & vegetables, Garden in a seed tray, Recycled model, Handwritten verse, 3 cup cakes, Mini pizza, Lego model, Decorated boiled egg, Photographs.

The Sunflower class is an addition to the Horticultural Show Programme, and is open to everyone, the winner will be the plant that has grown taller than the person that planted it.       On August 14th submit your entries including your height and the height of your sunflower!

Callington U3A Feb article

‘The Mystery of the Royal letters’

On a dismal January day we were cheered by a very professional and entertaining talk by Janet Cowlard. Janet, who had an interest in the Royal family, was delighted when her husband bought, at a stamp auction, 5 letters written from various royal residences. None of the letters had envelopes or a clue who they were from. Some had dates but no year, and only through thorough research did Janet find out the years they were written. She was able to do this by the events mentioned in the letters. For instance one black edged letter, used after a bereavement, brought her to conclude it was in memory of Empress Eugenie, so she had a clue about what year it was written.  Janet even wrote to our late Queen Mother for information as to who might have written them.

The letters from a mother to her daughter were full of local gossip, news of weddings, and of shopping trips with Queen Mary.  Janet told us about the Queen being careless about acquiring items she coveted, sometimes even resorting to kleptomania! Our present Queen Elizabeth has in fact returned many of the treasures to their rightful owners. Much more careful research and background checks led to the conclusion that the letters were from Lady Elizabeth Dawson to her daughter Kaitilin. Lady Elizabeth was appointed as a Lady of the Royal Bedchamber in the early 1920’s. In her position she was able to tell her daughter of happenings at court, and of visits to Sandringham and Balmoral. We heard about the clothes and jewellery of guests, family sickness, and their connections to European royalty.

Lady Elizabeth died aged 55, a short while after she fell and broke her hip while out walking at Balmoral. Her daughter Kaitilin went on to marry into the aristocracy and became the mother of an alleged notorious murderer. We were asked not to reveal the end of Janet’s story, so you will have to watch for one of her talks, and be surprised at what a load of research and 5 hand written letters can reveal.

By Jane Black   Callington U3A

Monthly meetings the first Monday at Callington Town Hall 10am next meeting 6th Feb.

Church Matters Feb 2017

Within global Christian circles there is quite a remarkable woman called Heidi Baker. Heidi is a Christian missionary to the country of Mozambique, and with her husband Rolland set up Iris Global, which is a non-profit Christian ministry dedicated to charitable service and evangelism. Through its work within Mozambique, Iris Global has provided orphanages, free health clinics, village feeding programmes, well drilling and operates primary and secondary schools. They have also created over 5000 churches.

Heidi was born in Laguna Beach, California in 1959. Having gained degrees in Arts she went on to study Systematic Theology at King’s College in London, emerging as a Doctor of Philosophy in 1995. Systematic Theology sounds a very highfaluting term – it’s basically a discipline of Christian theology that steadily works through things to provide an orderly, rational and coherent account of the doctrines of the Christian faith. To gain a Doctorate in such a discipline is no idle task. It speaks highly of Heidi’s academic prowess – she is well versed in rubbing shoulders with academics.

And yet her work in Mozambique is far removed from academia. In August last year I attended a conference in York where Heidi was one of the Christian speakers. The conference had already provided many positive and stretching things from a faith perspective, but when Heidi walked out on the stage and immediately knelt down in prayer you knew that this was going to be different. Heidi is definitely “out there” in terms of her relationship with God and devotion to Jesus. Continue reading

From Cllr. Steph McWilliam – February 2017

I am going for a good news sandwich this month. Firstly, as I have said before, there are many things that Cornwall Council does well. My current favourite is a competition to build a rocket car with the prize being a trip to South Africa to see the trials of the Bloodhound programme. Many schools are involved with this and it is a great way to encourage the study of STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths) subjects. I have stood next to the Bloodhound at an Expo at Newquay Airport last year and can assure you it is even more impressive close up. Good luck to everyone involved. Continue reading