Unlocking, AGM and Big Green Week

In advance of our SHARE AGM event, to be held at South Hill Parish Hall from 7.30pm on Wednesday September 22nd, we are contacting all members informally.  This message includes important information for members regarding the election of Directors.

As music fans will know all too well, during lockdown all gigs were either cancelled or postponed. At last that situation is changing as we head into ever more freedom. There has been a knock on effect; a lack of available venues, as everyone wants a stage at once.  The SHARE AGM has been affected by the same issues, as we’ve had to postpone last year’s AGM until now. The similarity with your favourite band is that venues have become in huge demand. Our own Parish Hall is seeing a great upsurge in bookings, taking advantage of its refurbishment.

We have hatched a Cunning Plan:  the format of the AGM will change slightly.

This September sees the national Great Big Green Week, (18th to 26th September) and we’ve chosen to hook into that for our Annual General Meeting.

What we’re planning is to hold the AGM on Wednesday 22nd, split into two parts:

  1. Information Event:  OUTSIDE the Hall, open to all.  SHARE will be publicising what we’ve been able to do since the last AGM, the status of our ongoing plans and projects, and many of the items that fall under the agenda item “Annual Report”. This will be an informal chat and question event held in the Gazebo and under the canopy at the side of the Hall. We’ll be planning to cover: wood projects, hydro, recycling, energy, carbon footprinting and wider “green” issues. The displays and discussions will be manned from 7:30pm.

2. The formal part of the AGM, (i.e. that bit we are legally obliged to do), thanks to the generosity of the Taekwondo group, will start at 8:30 in the Main Hall, taking advantage of the new display that the Hall Committee have installed. There we will conduct the formal finance business, table the legally required motions and elect the Directors for the next year.

a. SHARE Directors:  The Rules for SHARE require that the two longest serving Directors formally stand down, though they are at liberty to offer themselves for re-election. This year, it’s the turn of Geoff Hardman and David Skelton to do so. This gives the opportunity for anyone to stand for election to the two vacant posts, providing they meet the legal criteria for Directors of UK Companies.

b. We are inviting Members or Associate Members to put their names forward, but we need you to do so by September 6th at the latest, to give us time to formally publish the AGM papers as required by the Rules.

  • Prospective candidates will need a Proposer and a Seconder at the AGM, (neither of whom can be themselves) and an election will take place by show of hands. Note that only Members have the right to vote, although Associate Members have the right to stand.
  • SHARE is a Community Benefit Society and a Limited Company. Directors are responsible for the running of the company in accordance with the law.
  • Directors of SHARE must be age 18 or over, be able to carry out the role to the best of their ability and not be disqualified from acting as a director.  If not already a Member of SHARE, they must join, and must be prepared to uphold our Mission, Vision and Aims and take a long term view of the company.
  • Our Mission, Vision and Aims, and our Rules, can be found at http://south-hill.co.uk/share/share-member-area/

or by post to our registered address: Trewoodloe Barn, Trewoodloe, Golberdon, Callington, PL17 7NJ

We hope that this event will make it easier for everyone to voice their opinions and express their aspirations for SHARE, without the rather formal setting of a big Hall meeting.

Please come along and bring us your hopes, criticisms and aspirations to prepare SHARE for the next year.