Parish Pathways

On 26th September at 11am Peter Tunnicliffe will be starting out on his Parish Pathways walk to raise money for ‘St. Sampson’s Unlocked’. You are more than welcome to join him on his route and help to raise money for this worthy cause.

The routes are outlined below, some are long, others not so,


1.         Trefiniick Road towards Badaford                       638/2/3           Y/N

2.         Linkinhorne to Mornick                                     638/3/1           Y/N

3.         Mornick to Trewassick                                       638/9/1           Y/N

5.         Trewassick to Lansugle                                      638/8/1          Y/N

6.         Lansugle to Trewoodloe                                    638/7/1           Y/N

7.         Trewoodloe to Berrio                                        638/6/1           Y/N

8.         Kerney Bridge towards Bicton Mill                     638/15/1        Y/N

9.         Penwarden to Pine Ridge                                  638/16/1        Y/N

10.       Pine Ridge towards Trevigro                              638/16/2        Y/N

11.       Trewolland Farm to Trevigro                              638/17/1        Y/N

12.       Chestnut Cottage to Woodcockwell                   638/18/1        Y/N

13.        Near Trevigro to Haye Mill                                 638/19/1        Y/N

14.       Blogsters Wood to Woodland Lodge                  638/20/1        Y/N

15.       Near Golberdon War Memorial                         638/13/1        Y/N

16.       Golberdon Recreaction Ground                         638/14/1        Y/N

17.       Golberdon past Council Houses                         638/13/1        Y/N