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Bodmin Moor International Dark Sky Park

Our unique dark rural setting on the fringe of Bodmin Moor has an opportunity to make an historic mark, which will enhance our lifestyle, protect our community and last for generations to come.

Cornwall Council and Caradon Observatory have proposed a bid to have Bodmin Moor recognised as a Gold standard International Dark Sky Park, arguably comparable to World Heritage Site status. The Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty Unit and the Campaign to Protect Rural England support the proposal and with public backing, the council will submit the decision this summer.

Edwina Hannaford, Cornwall Council’s portfolio holder for planning, said: “I’m thrilled with this initiative. It mixes the ageless fascination and romance of the stars with real science and learning, and it has tangible opportunities for tourism too.

“Recent observatory data shows that the quality of the night sky over Bodmin Moor is amongst the best in the world. Achieving recognition of this through an International Dark Sky Park designation would help protect the night sky from light pollution and bring other benefits, including providing a focus for awareness and learning about the stars and solar systems, a further draw for visitors to the area and a starrier sky for local residents.”

International Dark Sky Parks must be a protected landscape, and Bodmin Moor is already known as an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty. Continue reading

South Hill Neighbourhood Plan

The development team are working towards drawing up a vision of how we would all like our area to be in 20 years time.

  • What we should preserve?
  • what changes could we accept?
  • and what is needed to make it a better place to live and work?

Very soon we will be seeking your opinions by way of a parish-wide survey, and by a community get together event in the Parish Hall, where everyone can have some fun, and also share their views about our neighbourhood.  Watch this space !!

For more information, or to give us your own ideas, send an email to neighbourhoodplan@south-hill.co.uk