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Rilla Mill 7 miler

From Golberdon crossroads, walk through the recreation field, past the hall and the play park, out through the pedestrian gate, be careful crossing the road, into “The Square” and walk down “back lane”. Keep right, passing the houses at Moorland View, and along the path to Trewoodloe lane. Turn left and follow the lane, pass Trewoodloe Castle, Trewoodloe Farm House, Trewoodloe Cottage and turn right into the driveway of Trewoodloe House. Look for the path markers ahead, by the wood pile, keep right then left up the steps and around to the pedestrian gate.

Turn left, the path goes straight ahead, through the gate, keep the hedge on your right to the next gate, and straight on, down across the steep grass field to a metal gate. Through here you go straight ahead towards the farm house and left down the driveway, coming out at Berrio Mill.

Turn Right, see the old well on the right, and follow the old leat along the quiet road to Wagmuggle. (A great name, the origin is not known but is shown on a 1748 map) Turn left by the house and down to the stream, cross on the granite footbridge and enter the grass field. Keep the wire fence on your left. The river Lynher can be heard a few hundred yards away. Go over the stile and keep straight ahead. The reeds on your left are a good indication that this land is a flood meadow and attracts wild geese and heron can be spotted on the river bank. Spot the path on the left as it goes over 2 granite footbridges and through a wooden gate. This route was walked by miners from Golberdon and Kerney Bridge to Cheesewring Quarry and other mines.

Follow the track, (can be wet after heavy rain) and go through a total of 5 waymarked wood gates, eventually emerging onto the road (near Browda, the house was built in 1602).

Turn left, follow the road pass Wales Cottage, Beneathwood Farm (listed building) and an avenue of ancient trees, bringing you to the granite “entrance” posts. Cross the road, continuing on the footpath, used by fishermen. Over a stile into a grass field, (2 horses were here when walked in July) continue straight ahead, brings you to another stile, partially hidden by nettles, this time of year.

Keep straight again, you’re aiming for the house in the distance and the far corner of the top hedge, where you’ll find a gate in gate, replacing the rotting ladder stile. New fencing keeps you to the left over a wooden bridge with stiles either end.

Out into the meadow with great views of Caradon, Cheesewring and Sharptor. Keep the hedge on your right, as you walk up the slope, make use of the bench if you want to enjoy the scenery. Navigate past the dog agility equipment to a pedestrian gate and driveway (at Liverscombe) to the main Rilla Mill road.

Turn Left, down the hill, past the village hall and The Manor Inn is on your left. Be silly not to stop and enjoy their hospitality…….  Your ½ way point. About 3 ½ miles.

Beyond the pub, just before the bridge is Parsons Meadow and play park, another great spot to enjoy a break, (no dogs allowed). You can see and hear the leat water rushing under the bridge, once used to drive the mill here. (The building on the right, was once the home and HQ of Truscotts Omnibus Company.)

Continue over the bridge and turn left, following the road past Addicroft to Plushabridge about a mile.

The bridge on the left was widened and parapet rebuilt in 1913 by Cornwall County Council. (Built to provide access for the miners of Caradon, to the parish church in Linkinhorne.) These ducklings were seen on July 15th.

Option 1, if you want to stay on the roads, back track off the bridge and continue straight on up the hill, bringing you to the telephone exchange, turn left and follow the road all the way down to Kerney Bridge and on up into Golberdon and back to the crossroads. Not quite 7 miles.

Option 2. Go over the bridge, taking note of the mining cottages on the left, with stones stating CJP 1823. Turn Right and retrace your steps back the way you came. You will have walked close to 7 miles.

Option 3. For a longer walk, 8 ½ miles (14km)go over the bridge, turn right, past the footpath used earlier, keep going for 1 ½ miles, passing Browda, and Roundbury (an Iron Age settlement, imagine 2500 or so years ago a thriving community on this back road), eventually you’ll come to Linkinhorne. (You’ve 2 ½ miles back to Golberdon.) Keep right, at the church, St Melors, the tower rises to 120 ft high making it the second highest tower in Cornwall. You may want to take a look at the stocks in the porch and find the slate memorial stone against the east end church wall, which commemorates Katherine Nicholls, there is an amusing verse carved by Daniel Gumb, the eccentric stonemason, born in Linkinhorne on 14th April 1703, died in 1776, lived in a cave, in the shadow of Cheesewring, carved several of the gravestones in the churchyard. Facing the church is a row of cottages, one of these used to house the Sun Inn, in 1841 this small village supported 2 inns. The other The Church House Inn, recently closed, has been called The Stone Masons and …..

Continue around pass the red phone box, on the road to South Hill. In about 300 yards look for the footpath sign on the right taking you through to Mornick.

At Mornick turn left then right at the footpath sign taking you to Trewassick, Lansugle, Trewoodloe and back to Golberdon.



Browda 5ish miles loop walk

Browda Loop 5 ish miles 8.5km
There maybe stock in the fields. Leave all gates as you find them. Keep dogs under control.
From Golberdon crossroads, walk thru the hall car park and the children’s play-ground, passing through a small gate onto the road. Take care. Turn left and cross the road, into “The Square” and follow the path down “back lane”. Keep right and pass Moorland view houses and through the path into Trewoodloe lane. Turn Left.
Follow this all the way to Trewoodloe Farm House, (just past Trewoodloe Castle) see the footpath sign post, directing you to Lansugle. Go up the granite steps and over a stile. Keep the hedge on your left and aim for the top left corner of the grass field. Over a stone hedge stile and into another field. Take aim straight ahead, walking towards the power pole on the left, you’ll see the wooden stile beyond. Go over this, and down stone steps into Lansugle road.

Turn left and in the next gateway on the right, spot the footpath sign post and go through the gate. Straight ahead again and you’ll see a pile of stones, just to the left is a wooden walkway, stile and granite foot bridge over the stream. The path emerges from the wooded area over a wooden stile into a steep grass field. Follow the line of trees up, lots of up, to the top and stop and admire the views from here.
At the top of the field is a gate, to the right is a wooden stile, this is the footpath, into a fenced garden. Keep left past the shed and you’ll see a granite stile, with another shed in front of you. Keep right and enter the field through the 1st metal gate (there maybe goats and a donkey here) and aim for the top hedge, there’s a wooden stile to climb over.
On your left is the remnants of an old hedge, walk along this, taking care not to trip on the stones or put a foot down a rabbit hole. At the top, on your right is a stile to clamber over.
Follow the left hand hedge and spot the stile ahead, into another field and straight ahead again a stile into the road. Turn left and you’ll come to the junction at Mornick.
Turn right, up the track, the footpath signpost to Linkinhorne, has seen better days. Continue along the track, keeping left down a pathway, which brings you to a gate, with a For Sale sign on it. Enter the grass field and keeping the hedge on your left, descend to the stream. Go over this and over the stile and again keeping the hedge on your left, come to a metal gate. Enter into another grass field, with St Mellor church in front of you. Keep diagonally right, about 2 oclock, you’ll spot the gate into the road.
Turn left to Linkinhorne. Pass the church and pub (now closed) and at the corner junction, turn off the main road and go straight ahead and follow all the way to Browda Farm. There are great views and you’ll pass the ancient settlement, Roundbury, identified by 3 large beech trees by the road.     You’re about 1/2 way round.
Once you enter Browda, the road turns to the right and a little further on, the footpath is signposted on the left. Follow the path, through a gate. (maybe wet at certain times of the year)
Follow the track through the woods to a gate, then a further gate, over the granite footbridge into a field. Keeping right to the bottom of the field, see the wooden stile in the fence and follow the fence line, on your right, all the way to a wooden gate, bringing you to a granite footbridge over a stream and a path to Wagmuggle.
Turn right on the road, Berrio Mill is on the right, and Berrio Farm on the left, with a footpath signpost. Turn left up the driveway, through the gate, go straight ahead, pass the house on the left and up around to the right, to a metal gate. Pass through this and turn left up across the steep field to the top hedge. Go through the metal gate and keep the hedge on your left.
At the end of the field, go through the gate, pass the fence on your left and spot the small new footpath gate on the right. This takes you down a path between properties and out into the driveway of Trewoodloe House. Continue straight ahead and you’ll come to Trewoodloe Farm House (where you were earlier). Stay on this lane back to the junction. Turn right and this will bring you back to the Golberdon crossroads.


Footpath Walk – Wagmuggle to Browda

(third in our series on local footpaths)

mapThe footpath starts on the public road at Wagmuggle just past the cottage which is on the road from Kerney Bridge towards Mornick. There is a sign on the left hand side of the road. The path goes down a short incline and then crosses a stream by means of a granite footbridge, which as shown in the winter can be quite swollen so you need to be steady on your feet if you are to avoid a soaking.

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