South Hill Annual Parish Meeting the Parish Hall, Golberdon. Wednesday 15th May 2019

40 people attended, using the main hall for displays by local groups and inspected the work on the hall improvements to date. The floor still needed to be finished so the group moved into the meeting room, cosy but proved 30 people can be seated there no problem.

Cllr David Skelton welcomed everyone, thanked the W.I members for providing and serving the refreshments and gave his report.

Parish Council Chairman’s Report – 2019 – David Skelton

This report covers my term of office which started in May last year. I’ll start by thanking Jenny (clerk) and my fellow councillors for their work throughout the year. The Parish Council meets on the third Tuesday of every month except August. Members of the public are welcome at all meetings. There is always a public session at the beginning of each meeting. The formal minutes of meetings are on the parish council website and a report from the council in the South Hill Connection newsletter. (plus information is posted on the parish notice boards.) Allotments. I’m pleased to report that a few problems with undermanaged allotments have been resolved, partly by having more regular inspections, so at this moment all the plots are occupied and being well looked after. Highways. For the last year it’s been possible to report problems with road signs, potholes and blocked drains directly using the Cornwall Council website. The system works well. Generally our roads are in a better state of repair than they have been for a long time. A new Community Network Highways Scheme, in which parish councils can propose projects for Highways improvements, is being used to provide speed warning signs at Bray Shop. This project was supported by Linkinhorne and Stoke Climsland Parish Councils and should be installed within a few months. Play Area. Inspections have been done weekly and any urgent safety issues resolved promptly. ROSPA have recently done their inspection and found no serious problems. Parish Hall. The Parish Council has obtained a grant from SITA to install the new heating system. Thank you to SITA for their support and also to our Cornwall Councillor Sharon Daw for providing additional funds from her Community Chest. Footpaths. Any urgent maintenance tasks are dealt with by Councillor Andy Budd. The Council has identified numerous repairs needed such as missing stiles and signs. Cornwall Council has eventually provided the materials needed and Councillor Budd has completed the paperwork for the CORMAC Volunteer insurance cover. Finally, thank you to all, who make our Parish a better place, by volunteering with maintenance of the play area, the War Memorial, picking up litter, clearing the odd blocked drain, and until recently looking after Jodie in the phone box and numerous other things which you have done but I haven’t noticed.

Representatives from groups were invited to speak:-

South Hill Horticultural Show – Kim Howatt 2019 will be the 60th year for the parish horticultural show, being held on Saturday, 17th August. Ideas for the day were invited. Cllr S Daw offered to assist with the insurance costs to cover the event.

South Hill History Group – Miranda Lawrence Owen stated half of the members were present , the other 2 sent their apologises. They have teamed up with Linkinhorne history group Gravestone project and welcome interested people to join them in this and other parish projects.

St Sampson’s Church – Miranda and Judith Ayres. St Sampson’s Unlocked project was explained and leaflets available detailing the restoration works to the ceiling, floor, windows and tower, plus installation of a toilet and kitchen facilities to make the building widely usable for the community. New glass panels have been installed in the entrance hall. A number of events are planned a JUST GIVING page and items can be sent to Beech Auctions to raise funds. 94 people attended the recent OPEN GARDENS.

The Golberdon Gals choir – Rachel Budd. Meet Mondays 7:30pm at St Sampson’s church, new members are welcome. Those present gave a wonderful ensemble that was entertaining and uplifting. They have a concert planned at the hall on August 10th.

South Hill Women’s Institute – Sue Tunnicliffe. Monthly meetings are the first Wednesday of each month in the parish hall at 7.15pm. Activities range from recreational, visits, training, cookery and craft. The skills and opportunities are endless and new members will be warmly welcomed. As part of The National Federation they support rural issues and local health and wellbeing including plastics in our waterways. On display a cup they were proud to have won at the Liskeard Show for their exhibit. Cornwall Federation is celebrating 100 years and South Hill ladies plan to plant 100 bulbs around the parish hall. Other county events include 200 ladies zipping along the zip wire at the Eden Project on Saturday May 18th.

SHARE (South Hill Association for Renewable Energy) – Geoff Hardman Chair. SHARE is a Community Benefit Society now running into its fifth year of operation. 90 full and 22 associate members is a pretty big group from within a modestly sized parish We have four key threads to our activities. 1. the installation and operation of solar energy with two installations in the parish which between them have generated well over one hundred thousand units of carbon free electricity. 2. a sustainable wood management, replanting and firewood delivery operation. 3. With increasing energy costs we provide guidance and help in reducing energy consumption to try to manage bills our energy guide is available that aims to do just that. 4. Activities in reuse and recycling. Our Recycling for Charity project is saving certain plastic items that cant be recycled in our kerbside collection.

Kit Hill Beekeepers Association Geoff Hardman also spoke as Chairman and about the Cornwall Beekeepers Association also celebrating a 100 year anniversary of the organisation and invited those interested to an event on Saturday, 18th May 2019.

South Hill Connection – Ali Humphreys. Formed in 2007, the newsletter has 37 local advertisers, some of which were present. The South Hill Parish Facebook page has 1758 followers & the web site new content with the Calendar of Events constantly being updated. Welcome packs are given out to new residents. Full report here.

South Hill Parish Hall Committee – Wendy Trewin read a report from the Chair, Liz Moir. Grant funding had been obtained by the hall committee and parish council and work to install a new ground source heat pump system, under-floor heating and a new oak floor for the main hall were almost complete. Thanks were expressed to the parish council for their help with the project. Plans for the future included upgrading the kitchen, insulating the walls and providing heating in other rooms.

The Chairman invited other comments, encouraging any concerns to be raised.

o Trefinnick Solar Farm – The Chairman spoke about the community fund, plans to put a bench at the top of the recreation field were supported by those present.

o Broadband – Upgrading the service in the parish was slow and residents needed to work together to appeal to BT in managing this work. Broadband in Trevigro was being upgraded following the provision of funding but it was anticipated this would take approximately 1-2 years to complete.

o Litter – Fly tipping, dog fouling and general items of litter occurred throughout the parish and items were often blown out of the collection vehicles. The problem was partly bags being torn open and with the mesh sided small truck.

o Phone Box Manikin – It was noted that Jody, the manikin in the phone box at Golberdon had been stolen; and sadly missed. Other suggestions for the kiosk were invited.

o Community – A community scarecrow competition or similar was suggested.

o A388 Junction – Although the junction at Camelot Kennels was outside of South Hill parish the Chairman reported that the parish council had raised their concerns about the lay-by. Cormac are investigating. If funding was needed this could come from next years’ Community Network Highway Scheme.

With no other issues forthcoming The Chairman thanked everyone for their input and for a productive meeting.

At the Parish Council AGM on May 21st Cllr David Skelton was re-elected as chairman and Cllr Dan Smith as vice-chairman. If you have something to say or report please contact any Councillor or email chair or Jenny our clerk