Survey – South Hill Community Jubilee Orchard

Welcome to South Hill Community Jubilee Orchard’s participant survey.

This survey will help to inform whether there is enough local support for a new community orchard.

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South Hill Community Jubilee Orchard

A proposed view of how the community orchard might look

This new space is owned by South Hill Parish Council, near Golberdon, and would be a new area that the local community can access. It will be a joint project between the Council and SHARE.

The new orchard could also include wildflower meadows and hedgerow planting, offering volunteering and educational opportunities in the future, with accompanying picnic areas at the proposed site.

The proposed project would mean any fruit produced will be available for the local community to harvest, either as a group, for an orchard / apple pressing day, or by individuals and families from the local area to enjoy. The Orchard would include many different types of fruiting trees and shrubs, including nut trees, with the intention of planting plums, damsons, hazel and walnut, among others, and not just apple trees. The space is to be enjoyed by all, not just exclusive to those volunteering to help plant and maintain the site.

The aim of this project is to be part of the Forest for Cornwall and the Queen’s Green Canopy, and the planting of these trees and the wildflower meadow will enhance the local bio-diversity and help to capture carbon. As well as having future events for apple pressing, the aim will be to include days for big bug hunts, conducting Citizen Science and setting up bug hotels and stumperies, learning traditional skills like how to graft apple trees and meadow cutting using a scythe.

We are particularly interested in the opinions of people in and around South Hill Parish. Have your say with our short survey, here…