Parish Council Update

South Hill Parish Council November Report

A vacancy on the South Hill Parish Council has arisen due to the resignation of Cllr. Nick Easton. Cornwall council has advised that there has been insufficient demand for an election and the Council can now fill the vacancy by co option at it’s meeting to be held on 21st January 2020. Interested parties should apply in writing or by email. For further information about the role of a parish councillor and the co-option process please contact the Parish clerk.

Remembrance Service – The parish Remembrance Service held on Saturday 9th November 2019 was well supported and we thank everyone for attending. To reduce waste, the wreath will be removed and stored to be used again next year when the Council will still make its usual donation to the Royal British Legion.

Phone Box – Jody the mannequin that disappeared from the phone box has now been replaced with a new model who looks quite at home in her new residence. It was due to the kindness of a local parishioner that a new mannequin was found and brought back to the village. Replacing Jody was by far the most popular idea put forward for the phone box. A suggested book exchange, while a commendable idea, wouldn’t work here because the slugs and snails can easily get in.

Recreation Field /Play Area – The Council are looking at options to create a natural habitat wildflower area at the top of the recreation field, so if you have any ideas please let us know. The fencing around the children’s play area is in need of repair and the Council are looking at options and costs to get this replaced early in 2020. Minor repairs are carried out as soon as they are identified. The grass cutting contracts will be coming up for tender in the New Year and a decision will be made on costs and “best value”.

Climate Change – At the start of our November 2019 meeting, the Chairman Cllr David Skelton gave a short presentation on climate change and how we can all do our bit to help stop a world-wide climate emergency. Several members of the public attended and shared ideas on what measures could work in South Hill. Those present were challenged to make the top 10 pledges, see here and also to find out their own carbon footprint using one of the easy to use carbon calculators such as or

Temporary road closures – Over the next couple of months some temporary road closures are happening in the parish to enable utility companies to carry out some much needed maintenance work. We are currently aware of the following, but there may be others that transpire over the coming weeks:- o Junction North of Newlandcombe to Frogwell Road, Trevigro on 9th – 22nd December 2019 (24 hours) for Western Power works. o South Hill to junction south of Egypt on 23rd and 24th January 2020 (24 hours) for South West Water.

Potholes and Blocked Drains – If you come across a pothole, blocked drain or any other highway issues, the best way to report this is directly to Cornwall Council. The easiest way is to use a smart phone or computer. You will soon see if it has already been reported and you will get updated when the problem has been inspected and the work done. You can also phone 0300 1234 222.

Footpaths – The Council can now accept the help of volunteers to trim the public rights of way and complete minor maintenance work. To those who have already expressed an interest in helping with this work, thank you, and we will be starting early next year. For anyone who is interested please get in touch with Cllr Andrew Budd. You do not have to commit and volunteers will be supervised, and work in groups.

Parish Precept – The parish precept for 2020/2021 (from 1st April 2020) has been kept at £9,500. This enables us to run the parish, pay for the clerk and any general expenses associated with the Council. Parishioners may find that when your council tax statement is received in March 2020, it may indicate an increase in the parish element although this is not the case as far as the precept is concerned. The figures calculated are reflected on the calculation of not only the number of homes in the parish and their individual banding, but the amount of homes that are discounted for single occupancy, holiday homes and empty properties. Information and contacts –

Information on the Parish Council, including our meeting agendas and minutes, can be found on our website

Sharon Daw is our Cornwall Council Ward Member and her email address is

This just leaves me, on behalf the Parish Council, to send all our parishioners Seasons Greetings for a very Happy Christmas and Best Wishes for 2020.

Jenny Hoskin (Parish Clerk) telephone 01208 72789 or email

You will see that the parish council is advertising a vacancy because of the resignation of Councillor Nick Easton at the end of September. I’d like to thank Nick for his time as a Councillor. Nick spent many hours maintaining the play area and encouraging others to help too. I could depend on him to remind the Council if we weren’t following our own policies correctly and to suggest ways that we could make the business of the Council more transparent. Nick would always talk to his neighbours and others from the parish to get their opinion on matters the council were discussing. An important part of how we best serve you. David Skelton Chairman – South Hill Parish Council.