Neighbourhood Plan Update, May 2015

On March 21st the Community Day displayed results of the Parish Plan Survey – an excellent event with well over a hundred people attending to add even more opinions to the original comments.

Your Neighbourhood Plan committee are still working hard to pull this information together and present it as planning policies.

We need some professional help to do this.  Grant funding is available and Cornwall Council is also committed to providing some help.  Due to unforeseen circumstances the NP Team Leader Geoff is taking a back seat.  What we need now is someone to take charge and spearhead the committee to bring this to a successful conclusion.

Send your details or suggestions to Geoff
or phone 01579 362623
Your Neighbourhood Plan Committee
Needs You –  PLEASE HELP

ParishMap2The Ramblers Society was present at the Community Day to answer questions and was impressed by the number of people that signed up to help with a working party to improve and maintain the Parish Footpaths.  The report below, identifying the major areas of concern, was sent to Cornwall Council but as yet we’re still waiting for the go ahead.

How long do we wait?   What can we do?   Have some way markers been added?

The following were identified as issues to be resolved:  Rights of Way South Hill Parish
638/8      At SX 32178 71793 – no waymark on bridge.
At SX 32167 71790, SX 32437 71962 and SX 32467 72003 – no waymark on stiles.
Minor vegetation to clear at bridge.
638/9/2  At SX 32541 71977 – no waymark.
638/11    At SX 33101 715336 – no footpath sign on existing metal post.
At SX 33101 71334 – five bar gate jammed and no waymark.
At SX 33102 71345 – gate latch virtually impossible to operate. No waymark.
At SX 33220 71759 – no waymark.
638/12    At SX 32883 71301 – footpath sign intact but post rotted. Gate off hinges.
At SX 32875 71304 – no stile over stock fence.
At SX 32799 71329 – waymark post but no sign. Stile through Cornish hedge has
been removed and the bank reinstated.
638/2      At SX 32878 73398 No stiles on either side of the unclassified road.
Hedge now very mature.
At SX 32498 73218 No stile. Stock fence around field.
638/1      At SX 33068 72971 – no County waymark.

Let’s do a discovery walk and put a plan together. June 7th 2pm
Starting from The Parish Hall in Golberdon, ALL Welcome
Any Footpath updates you have, or questions, please email