Hill Pony Resources

Could you help us care for our ponies please? We currently have 12 ponies with us and foster ponies due to come back. When we set up Hill Pony Resources in 2014 our aim was to find homes for a few foals in order to prevent them being pts. At the time we didn’t have land or facilities to keep ponies long term and we worked with the small fields we were renting ourselves. Over the past few years we have also found homes for older mares, arranged for colts to be castrated and returned to the moor, taken in ponies needing rehabilitation and long term care, and more foals! In order to meet the welfare standards required for the ponies and continue running we have had to rent more land, increase our feed and hay bills, veterinary bills etc. We only can do this through donations from our supporters, fundraising, voluntary help and sometimes a wing and a prayer! So thank you to everyone that does their best to help us through all of this. Our resources are currently very stretched and still we have outstanding vet bills to meet, hay/feed to pay for and rent bills to cover.

If you can help us by Sponsoring one of our ponies (£5 a month), joining us as a supporter (£15 a year), make a one off donation or could just set up a monthly direct debit of £1 we would be very, very grateful. Our payment details are Paypal hillponyresources@gmail.com or bank account Triodos Bank 165810 20581513 we do also have some medium Hoodies for sale in Navy £24.50, some Car stickers £2.25 (free if you join us as a supporter, sponsor) , Knitted Keyrings £3.50 (free in the supporter/sponsor pack) please message if you would like to order any of the above. Thank You for reading and your continued help and support. From all of us at Hill Pony Resources and most of all the ponies. http://hillponyresources.weebly.com

Please don’t throw your garden waste into the nearest field. Feeding horses on lawn mower clippings can be very dangerous for several reasons. When lawn mower clippings are fresh they are fermenting (this is why they are warm when you put your hand inside a fresh pile of clippings). If a horse is given a pile of fresh clippings to eat they can gorge on them. As the clippings have been chopped up small (by the mower) the horse does not need to chew them and therefore swallows the clippings without mixing them with saliva (which is what happens when a horse chews its food normally). This means that the clippings arrive in the stomach already fermenting. The outcome for the horse could be colic which can lead to death or even outright death. Horses are very careful when foraging as some plants are poisonous to them. They are very clever at knowing what they can and can’t eat, however when plants are mixed in with grass cuttings they aren’t able to tell the difference and may ingest something that is harmful to them without realising. This goes for all your garden waste, some shrubs and plants are very dangerous to animals. Dispose of via Cornwall Council or let our parish council know if you have any ideas or solutions if this is a problem for you. Thank You.