South Hill W.I.

WILogoSouth Hill Womens Institute meeting held on 2nd September

Our speaker for the evening was Mrs Anthea Lay, local artist who appeared on The Great British Painting Competition on BBC T.V. She told us of how she first started at a young age, being encouraged by both of her teacher parents providing her the materials she needed, also having to use whatever she could lay her hands on at times! This developed her love of painting.

WI Bigger PictureOn hearing of The Great British Painting competition, Anthea thought, I can do that so applied. She had to go┬áto London, to attend many interviews, to prove she was the right applicant, at that stage Anthea had to fund these visits herself. Once she was accepted by the T.V company, her trips were then funded by them, she went to London and other locations around Britain – not cheap!

WI Anthea LayAnthea showed us a variety of the paintings she did during her time on the show. The paintings had to be done in a certain time, using required pencils, paint, charcoal etc. Anthea unfortunately got voted off before the end but she did make some good friends along the way, she has already met up with a few of them and has future plans ahead with other friends. Anthea was thanked for her very Entertaining and Informative talk, and then kindly judged our W.I competition’s for the evening. After our Speaker we stopped for a Refreshment break and a natter!

FunDay WI cartOur W.I meeting was short and sweet, it was reported that we had made a good amount at the successful Duck Race which was held at the Fun Day. And two of our members (Liz & Lorraine) came First in the Soap Box Derby (Both Alive & well!)

An invitation from Linkinhorne W.I had been received, to attend their Cream Tea arranged for the 16th.

We are going to attend The Liskeard Fatstock Show in October, Member’s asked who would like to participate!

Anybody Interested In Joining Us For An Entertaining Evening. Come along to the Parish Hall Golberdon at 7.15pm on the first Wednesday of the Month, or if you’d prefer ring Sue Palmer on 01579 383006 to get more info.