Recycling for Charity update.

We feel the responsible action is to stop collecting the recycling for now. We dont want to touch your items! and dont want to risk passing on any germs or virus. Please sort your items carefully going forward….. as we still dont want to touch your items and with the backlog we wont have the time to sort so will just bin any bag that doesn’t look sorted.

By sorted we mean, putting like items together that then are boxed separately to be sent to Terracycle, If you cant do this just dont bother leaving the items . If you drop off where there are marked bins, it should be self explanatory otherwise here’s what we accept.

1. Empty Crisps packets, shaken out, no need to wash, all size packets, including multiply packs and all brands .

2. Nuts, pretzels, popcorn, pork scratchings all brands plus Pringles brand only, the whole thing including the plastic and foil lid. Plus Stretchy bread bags from sliced bread only.

3. Biscuit, crackers and cakes wrappers. Mini Cheddars, Mini Rolls, Ryvita, Rice Cakes, Hot cross buns, Jaffa cakes, Rocky include multipacks

4. Sweets and chocolates wrappers, individual and bags, no trays, foil or paper

5. Clean dry bagged pet pouches plus all pets food teats and plastic biscuit bags

6. Used toothbrushes, electric heads, toothpaste tubes (no pumps) and dental floss containers .

7. Flexible tubes from creams, gels, ointments, lotions . Hand moisturizers . All Plastic from hair dye kits. Lipsticks, lip balms, lip gloss, mascaras, eye shadow compacts.

8. Triggers and hand pumps off bottles. plastic Roll on deodorants no glass, personal care cleaning wipes packets. If it has baby wipes written on the packet we can not accept them.

9. Home cleaning wipes packets, Dishwasher tablet packs, plastic air fresheners.

10. Empty Baby food pouches with lids all brands and baby snacks like Ella’s , Goodies…