NFU 100 years

100 years of the NFU Key events and legislation 1908 -2008

1908 NFU was formed

1911 Protection of Animals Act

1912 Milk and Dairies Act

1914- 1918 First World War

1920 Agriculture Act1921 Corn production and repeal act Governments “Great Betrayal” of Agriculture Act

1926 Wild Birds Protection Bill

1930 Land Drainage Act

1933 Creation of Milk Marketing Board

1937 Agriculture Act

1939 – 1945 Second World War

1947 Agriculture Act

1948 Agriculture Holdings Act

1949 National Parks and Access to the Countryside Act

1950 Wool Marketing Act and Tomato and Cucumber Marketing Scheme Order

1954 Meat Rationing ended

1955 Potato Marketing Scheme

1956 British Egg Marketing Scheme Order, Agriculture Safety, Health and Welfare Act

1963 Water Resources Act

1964 Plant variety and Seeds Act

1965 Commons Registration Act

1967 Tractor Cab Regulations

1970 Equal Pay Act

1973 UK joins the Common Market, and Badgers Act

1974 Control of Pollution Act

1975 Finance Act

1981 Wildlife and Countryside Act , and Animal Health Act

1984 Introduction of Milk Quotas

1986 Pesticides Regulations

1988 Set-Aside Regulations, and BSE Order

1991 Nitrates Directive

1992 MacSharry Reforms

1993 Crop Residues Burning Regulations

1995 Environment Act

1996 Prohibition of Export of Live Bovine Animals from the UK

1999 Food Standards Agency established

2000 Water Directive Framework and Countryside and Rights of Way Act

2001 Foot and Mouth Disease crisis

2003 Reform of the CAP

2004 Gangmasters Act

2007 UK Climate Change Bill

2008 CAP Health Check