Circular Walk from Golberdon

map1Another in our series of local walks – a 1 ½ to 2 hour circular walk around Golberdon taking in lovely views of Caradon, Cheesewring and Sharptor and walking along the bank of the River Lynher.

Start at the Parish Hall in Golberdon and walk out on the road towards Trevigro (south). Take the second right and after approx ¼ mile, go through a gate on the right (pictured below).

Golberdon Footpaths 005aGo straight across this field to a field gate and then straight ahead to walk along the top of the field until you reach a gate leading into a lane (it is often muddy in the corner of this field).

Carry on through this lane until you reach the road (Penwarden) and turn left down the steep hill towards Bicton Mill.

Penwarden view

When you reach the bottom of the hill, turn right. It is worthwhile, at this point, walking over to the bridge by Bicton Mill to admire the river and the surroundings then retrace your steps and take left along the road. You will shortly see the Public Footpath sign, on the left, taking you over the style into the field which borders the river Lynher.

River Lynher at Bicton Bridge

River Lynher at Bicton Bridge

Follow the river bank. This is a lovely spot – take time to sit on the fallen tree trunk which is ideally placed for a drink stop! There are deer in Tregonnet Woods and they can often be seen grazing at the top of the field.

StepsFollow the river edge until you see the path take a turn up into the woods where there is a useful handrail (left). The path soon goes down again and along the river bank and brings you out at Kerney Bridge. Cross straight ahead and walk along the Mornick road until you see the Footpath FP-BerrioFarmsign on the right which takes you up the drive of Berrio Farm (right).

Go through the entrance gate of Berrio Farm and bearing right, going between some outbuildings (right), go through another gate into a very steep field. Head up the hill towards the hedge, bearing right, and go through the gateway. Walk along the hedge of this field until reaching a field gate which leads to a wide track. After a few metres, the footpath goes over the hedge on the right and through a property which brings you out into Trewoodloe.

Turn left along the road and at Trewoodloe Farmhouse, follow the Footpath sign on the left up through the hedge. Climb over the stile (taking care here because the wood is rotting) and walk up along the hedge to the top left hand corner of the field and climb over the hedge and stile into the next field. Walk straight across this field and down the slope to the stile where there are steps within the hedge to climb down into Lansugle Lane. Walk along the road to the right, then take the next right which will bring you up to the crossroads at the top of Golberdon village.

Enjoy your walk, and please remember to follow the Country Code.