WW1 Exhibition at Sterts.

Linkinhorne History Group, exhibition to mark the centenary of the end of WW1 – and its effect on the Parish of Linkinhorne – is now up in the Gallery at Sterts. This exhibition includes illustration, information, artefacts and one of the newly restored Linkinhorne Rolls of Honour for WW1.  This exhibition is free and will remain at Sterts until the latter end of November.  The Gallery is open during Box Office hours.

 We will also be mounting another, quite separate, small exhibition to augment the centenary celebrations at Rilla Mill Village Hall where there will be a Victory Tea and Dance on Saturday November 10th – where the second of the restored Rolls of Honour will be officially handed back to Rilla Mill.

 Also, as part of our joint collaboration with Sterts, the Sterts Youth Theatre Group will enact a ‘walking play’, at sets around various locations on the Sterts campus, based on the research we have provided them with about the ‘100 men of Linkinhorne’ and the stories of their service in WW1. This will begin at 7.00pm on November 4th.

 And please don’t forget our talk on November 21st at the Cross Link Room, Upton Cross, where our guest speaker will be Major Hugo White who will further enlighten us with a talk entitled “The Role of the DCLI in WW1”.

 Peter Sharpe & Mike Todd.

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