South Hill Emergency Support


We have been running the South Hill Emergency support now for 5 weeks and although it started quite slowly we have ended up being quite busy.

The biggest problem in South Hill is the distance between the houses, meaning that during the lockdown we have had to rely on the Great work of the South Hill Parish facebook page and the newsletter to let people know we are here to help. Thank you for this as it has obviously been effective.

To make sure we had the most up to date information and advice, I registered with Volunteer Cornwall and Mark was accepted as an NHS volunteer responder. We have received referrals from both of these roles and have also gone out on two occasions for Cornwall Council referrals. We have also responded to calls from anxious relatives who were worried about their loved ones running out of supplies. We have posted letters, parcels and legal documents and taken some of our VIP’s shopping for essentials. We are nearing 50 prescriptions and are getting quite well known at the health centres.

On our busiest day so far we collected and distributed 12 prescriptions. Most of these are from Callington and Pensilva HC’s but we have been into Liskeard too on a couple of occasions, we also did 3 shops and delivered newspapers on that same day.

We have shopped more than once for 14 households and taken food to 3 people who found themselves in hardship. Some of our lovely parishioners donated items to help those around them and we were able to take out bags of wood, boxes of eggs, potatoes and dog food and dog treats to people who needed them.

We were very lucky to receive £250 from The South Hill Connection which has proved invaluable when it comes to the shopping as it saves us a trip to pick up the money prior to shopping which has saved us a lot of time and meant we don’t have to make direct contact with anyone. We have however collected money from milk churns, butter tubs, envelopes, off walls and from jars. It’s fun seeing the ways people have got around the no contact rules.

We have met some lovely new people and made some lovely new friends. We have been blown away by the strength and courage and resilience of the people of South Hill and helping out has been a pleasure .

Moving forward, please continue to get in touch if you need help. Who’s to say what each of us need to keep us sane, so if you need something please ask. It’s never too much trouble.

Mandy Haxby