Recycling For Charity

SHARE is saving valuable resources being wasted. These plastic items are sent to TERRACYCLE to be made into new products and credit KICKS COUNT charity, who aim to reduce the UK’s still-birth rate.

                    We have set up a number of collection points to drop your items and are delighted that both Callington schools, Duchy Stoke Climsland & Saltash colleges are now recycling.

The items we can accept UPDATED:

  • New. lipsticks, balm, gloss, mascara, eye shadow compacts, facial wipes packs
  • Soft tubes creams, gels, lotions, ointments, plastics in hair dye kits
  • all biscuits and crackers wrappers, inc multipacks and individual cakes, mini rolls
  • all crisp and snacks packets inc popcorn, pretzels, peanuts and pringles
  • all sweets and confectionery wrappers (no trays, paper, foil)
  • baby food pouches and lids and snacks
  • bread loaf bags (no other bread products)
  • triggers and pumps off bottles, disposable gloves (not rubber gloves)
  • plastic air fresheners and packaging, inc. plug ins
  • dishwasher salt & tablet flexible packets, tops off washing up liquid bottles
  • toothbrushes, electric heads and plastic packaging and used tooth paste tubes
  • pet food pouches, clean dry and bagged + plastic biscuit & treats bags ALL PETS.
  • WE CANNOT TAKE anything not on this list, the manufacturers that sponsor the programs are very specific about what can be accepted.
  • We no longer accept Contact Lenses, take to your optician
  • NO pill blister packs, fruit & veg bags, any yoghurt packaging, cheese packets,coffee & tea packets,cling film, plastic from flowers & cards, any cereal packets.
  • Please bag like items together to help with sorting and join us at Green Meadows on Fridays at 10am to sort and box up. It’ll be an eye openerI’m sure
  • email, our FB group  and web page on line here

I’m also collecting for Hill Pony Resources :- used stamps, old mobile phones, gadgets, cameras, sat navs, unwanted jewellery, any banknotes even if obsolete.