Queen’s Birthday Celebrations


2pm on the note the Golberdon gal’s choir & new Golberdon Philharmonic orchestra struck up with God Save The Queen and more rousing renditions to get the Queen’s Birthday celebrations well under way at the South Hill Parish Hall in Golberdon.

A display of events over the last 90 years and memorabilia from the parish drew people’s attention, joined by Callington Royal British Legion president John Phillips created a lot of interest and discussion. presentation of Meaders Farm and more. Meanwhile, outside, the snails were still racing. The children joined in a fun horse race and all were invited to enter the Handbag toss which was deadly serious. Callington Town Crier gave a Shout and Toasted the Queen and the afternoon was awash with sunshine, bubbly and cream teas. Thank You to all that donated, Crompton Farm Shop Kelly Bray for the jam, Roddas for the cream, Trevallicks Farm Shop Pensilva for the Birthday Cake and all that pitched in to make a brilliant afternoon.

Darcy cleaned up and won the snail race AND the horse race, Richard won the men’s handbag toss after strong competition, Rachael B won the “ladies” and the children had a hard fought match in their challenge.