May 7th 4 1/2 miles details of walk

From South Hill church take the road towards Mornick. After a few 100 meters turn right onto a farm track and follow to the end. Turn right onto a path, at the metal gate take care as it’s off it’s hinges and needs lifting to enter the field.

Keep the hedge on your left side and follow a worn footpath, as you drop down through an uncultivated area and step over the stream and the stile. Keep the hedge on your left to a metal gate with a great view of the church at Linkinhorne.  Go through this gate and veer to the right, there’s a newly enlarged gateway that brings you to the road.

Turn left and follow the road to Linkinhorne. You can take a detour to the church or at the junction, go straight ahead and enter the cemetery, the path takes you to the top where you join the road. Go left around the corner, past the turn on your left and at the junction of the turn on your right. Go though the metal gate, marked with a FP disc. From the gateway you can see a small pedestrian gate in the hedge ahead to your right. Aim for this. There were friendly young cattle here when I walked through, who were vaguely interested.

Go through the gate, look left and ahead to see a wooden gate, with another wooden gate immediately behind it.  Go through these and keep the hedge on your left to the gateway and track that runs alongside some buildings and brings you to a gate at the main road. TAKE CARE and cross over.

Go through the small metal gate here and drop down to the road at Lanhargy Old Chapel.

Turn right and follow the road to Bray Shop.

Turn left at the main road and at the junction, turn left. Bray Shop Old chapel is on the left and alongside is a small path that takes you to the cemetery.

Cross back over the main road to the notice board, the building there is the old Sunday School.

From the notice board follow the pavement to the junction and turn right, on Trefinnick rd, signposted to South Hill.

Stay on this road back to South Hill church.