Choir Debut in South Hill

Choir poster

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Firstly, thank you to those brave and very professional souls who made their debut on the stage in the Parish Hall at Golberdon to advertise the newly forming Ladies Choir on Community Day, Saturday 20th September. The response from new members has been staggering and I’m still hearing of new people wanting to sign up.

The choir will start on a weekly basis in the Parish Hall on Monday October 13th at 7.30pm and is open to Ladies – whether you are experienced singers or not. I will be doing some fun stuff whilst we all get to know each other and then do some Christmas repertoire as the inevitable shopping days grow fewer!  After that, some show stoppers, jazz, traditional and pop.

I realise that the Piece Makers meet in the hall on some Mondays, so those rehearsals may well be in my home in Trevigro.

Don’t be shy, come and try and bring a friend. Nominal costs only to cover music, hall hire and electricity.

Rachael Budd