4.5 miler Treven, Mornick, Trewassick, Trewoodloe

Read the route directions before setting off, as there maybe options along the way.
From the crossroads, Take the road signposted to South Hill. Passing Keadeen B&B. Go over the bridge, Phil Coles The Butcher is on the right and Coombe Small Animal Hotel. Pass the entrance to Trewassick on your left and around the next corner, on your right, you’ll see a double gate into a grass field with views to Kit Hill.
Option 1. Enter at your own risk, there maybe a bull in the field, keep the hedge on your left as you walk across the field and exit through the gateway onto the road just above Tregates.
Or stay on the road, past the Old School to the junction, (where Option 1 meets) turn left.
Turn left up the hill and you’ll pass a community notice board, so take note of current events, you’ll then come to St Sampson’s church at South Hill, see the inscribed standing stone and more. (South Hill Rocks on the pathway)
Turn Right at the crossroads, towards Bray Shop. Follow to the entrance of Treven on your Right. Turn Left into a field, avoid trampling on the crop by walking with the hedge on your right around to the opposite corner, scramble over the hedge under a tree and you’ll see a new stile into the next field. There are well behaved horses here that will probably ignore you. Keep left and follow the hedge, then dip thru the gap and keep the hedge on your right to the bottom hedge, Caradon Mast is in front of you. Keep right and spot the new stile on the left, take care as you drop down into the road.
Turn Right towards Linkinhorne with St Mellor’s church in view. Turn left through a gate clearly marked with a footpath signpost, into a grass field.
Walk towards the wind turbine and you’ll see 2 gates before you, take the left hand gate. Keep the hedge on your Right and at the bottom of the field go over the stile, cross a small stream, then walk up the sloping field, keeping the hedge on your right (turn around to see the views and catch your breath) you’ll see a gate in the corner with a For sale sign on it. Go through this gate, into a path which opens into a track and brings you to Mornick. You have walked around 2.5 miles.
Option 2: To avoid fields with animals. Continue straight on down to the bridge and turn left up the hill to Lansugle. You’ll pick up this walk at the footpath marked to Trewoodloe.
OR. Turn Left and follow the footpath signpost by a gate into a grass field on your right. Climb over the stile, crossing to a wood stile and following a straight line ahead to a stone hedge stile in the corner behind a gate. Once you have taken care to negotiate this don’t forget to look around, stunning views in all directions of Kit Hill, turbine at Gang, Caradon, Cheesering, Sharp Tor. Turn right then left along the old hedgerow line, at the end on your left you’ll spot a wood stile into a field with an assortment of friendly animals. Walk straight on to a metal gate.
Option 3: Crossing to the wooden gate ahead you’ll enter Trewassick, follow the track to the road, turn Right you’ll retrace your steps back. Your total walk will be just under 4 miles.
OR Walk to the right corner, there is a stone stile which leads you across a plot to a wood stile into a grass field (there maybe cattle here with a bull so enter at your own discretion) You’re looking into Lansugle in the foreground as you walk to the bottom right corner, where you’ll see a stile into a wooded area, cross the granite footbridge and stile, climb up into the field and head to the gate in front of you.
Turn left and soon you’ll see a footpath sign on your right, to Trewoodloe. (This is where the optional route 2 above will join.) If you continue on this road to the junction and turn right, you’ll return to the crossroads and walked just under 4.5 miles.
Option 4. Climb up and over the stile into a grass field. Straight ahead you’ll see a gate, along the hedge to the left is a stile, head for this. Climb over into another grass field. Keep the hedge on your right and you’ll find a stile in the bottom right corner. This brings you to Trewoodloe.
Turn left, follow the road to a footpath on your right, which leads you pass Moorland View houses and out to opposite the old Chapel, keep in left to avoid walking in the road, walk by the wood fence behind the 1st house which is the old post office, turn the corner and you’re in “back lane” , (where a blacksmiths used to be) this brings you out into the Square (where the Pub was over a 100 years ago at Honeysuckle Cottage, and the Salvation Army Hall). Coming out onto the road, take care, turn left, then cross the road and turning right through a small gate into the recreation field. A lovely spot to enjoy the views, picnic tables are here and a popular children’s play area. You’re back at the Parish hall. You’ve walked around 4.5 miles.