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Welcome to
South Hill
in Cornwall

and to our villages and hamlets of Golberdon, Maders, Trevigro, Trewoodloe, Egypt, Mornick, Bray Shop…

If you have recently moved to South Hill, check out our
New Residents page.  It’s packed with information that YOU need to know!



South Hill Connection is currently helping to promote “Power The Night With Sunlight”

Collecting votes at M&S Plymouth

This is a campaign to raise funds for a M&S Energy grant to get a storage device for the solar power generated by panels on our Parish Hall in Golberdon. VOTE HERE

Read all about it here…

What are we all about?

Begun in 2007, the South Hill Connection Website and Newsletter are intended to improve communications within South Hill parish.

Newsletter – we are keen to include your news, stories and pictures of our beautiful parish – please contact our Newsdesk

Local Advertisers – if you have your own business locally, we would be glad to include your details – please contact our advertising manager

Local Clubs, Groups and Organisations, please contact us to publicise your forthcoming events on our Calendar.

Initially funded by a grant from the Cornwall Rural Community Council (CRCC) this site is now maintained by small charges made for advertising.  Most of the input is from the community, whether in terms of time spent editing and designing the website and newsletter, or as contributions from Parish people.