St Sampson’s Unlocked Project

The Sampson’s Unlocked Project CRUX (Cherished, Restored, Unlocked, Church) team would like to thank you all for helping to make this first year of its fundraising activities more successful than we ever imagined possible. Almost £8,000 has been raised so far and is being put to good use preparing St Sampson’s pathway for both lighting and a mains water connection. This should be started in the new year. Many thanks to Baker Estates who have donated five dumpy bags of sand and 100m of water pipe. We feel very encouraged.

Some of the highlights: To help the major funding applications, everyone in the community was invited to a ’Community Meeting’ at South Hill Parish Hall, Golberdon in November 2018, to discuss ways our communty could use the church.

An Information Open Day was held at St Sampson’s at the beginning of December where people could come in, chat and find out what the funding need was all about. CRUX then having distilled the results of these, formed an action plan for the year.

First of all on 25 March 2019, a ‘Toddle Waddle’ for JAMM (Just another manic Monday) families was held at South Hill Parish Hall on the theme of St Sampson’s adventures in Cornwall. This was followed in May by an adult equivalent called ‘Beating (walking) the Bounds’ which involved a 3 to 11 mile circuit around the parish. That evening, the Bulls Head hosted a Quiz night for St Sampson’s Unlocked. Then, after a perfect ‘Open Gardens’ event in part of what was the Old Rectory garden at South Hill, in mid June we decamped to the Old Rectory garden in Stoke Climsland for a Vintage Fête, the high point of the year’s activities and which so many people helped to make a great success. A new ‘Open Garden’ in Callington quickly followed this, and then in August a Painting event for young and old was held on the grounds of St Sampson’s. Half a pig was roasted at the South Hill Horticultural show and finally, bringing us up to the present, a fun games night was on order in October at South Hill Parish Hall, Golberdon. Lots of events are being planned for 2020, starting in January when it is our turn to organise the monthly quiz night. We will also be holding a meeting early in the New Year about the suggested community project to manage the churchyard for wild flowers and wildlife.

Conversations with our architect and specialist advisors are ongoing concerning the installation of toilet and kitchen facilities, window and ceiling repairs, heating and flooring. In addition lots of funding applications are being written. Keep in touch by following St Sampson’s Unlocked on Face book. If you have any suggestions or would like to get involved in any aspect of this project, please do get in touch with Judith or Miranda 01579 384617 01579 382863