Introducing…. Andrew Budd, South Hill Parish Councillor

AndyBuddI moved to Trevigro in February 2014.  When I say moved, I was still working as a Mechanical Engineer in Falmouth at the time and it was quite a commute!  Worth it though.  From the minute my wife Rachael and I arrived, we were greeted by neighbours who quickly introduced us to the community, St Sampson’s Church, brought us up to speed with what is going on, the community strengths, the community weaknesses and a rich history of community life.  I knew we had come to a very special place.

Rachael immediately got stuck into what she does best which is facilitating people to enjoy music making and within 6 months of our arrival had immersed herself into launching both a local Ladies and Children’s Choir. What could I do to contribute? Rachael certainly didn’t marry me for my musical talents – it must have been my devastating good looks!

I became aware of the Parish Council and its role in the community through my neighbour Jim and newly acquired friend Nick.  I was fascinated to learn of the tremendous responsibility that such a group of committed, unpaid and often unloved and unappreciated folk do.  I started going to a few meetings to watch how they were structured and was impressed that problems were raised, solutions were discussed and issues were settled.  I know it’s not always going to be that easy and I’m sure that there is often much gnashing and grinding of teeth, but nevertheless, I knew I had valuable contributions to make should a vacancy become available.  It did.  I was co-opted on to Council in July.  I know it’s early days yet, but I’m enjoying my role and looking forward to contributing to a great parish.

Cllr Andy Budd