Golberdon Choir perform new Rugby Anthem

A chance conversation at the school gate led to the involvement of the Golberdon Girls and the Golberdon Kid’s Choirs in the production of a new rugby anthem.

Choir at Plymouth AlbionSteve, who was doing a Music Technology course, was required to write some source material to experiment with.  He came up with writing a song to celebrate England’s participation in and hosting of the Rugby World Cup. Having written the song for himself to be accompanied on guitar he then asked other musician friends to perform on percussion and keyboards. He thought a choir would add extra interest and a chance conversation between himself and Jackie Easton whilst collecting children from school led to the involvement of the Golberdon Girls and the Golberdon Kid’s Choirs.

As the music had never been written down in a score, that was my first job. I transcribed the song for the choirs to be able to learn and we recorded it in the Parish Hall at Golberdon. Steve mixed it down and posted the final edit on YouTube.  BBC Spotlight came to film us singing, although tragically it was at SUCH short notice only the valiant were actually able to turn up! 7 out of 37!!! Not withstanding, we had a fantastic time on the pitch at Plymouth Albion, were in fine voice and appropriate battle dress and were given about thirty seconds of airtime on Friday 18th September!

We gave the song another airing at the Golberdon Harvest Supper.  Steve in the meantime has gone to the Fan Zones at Twickenham and Cardiff to promote it.

Rachael Budd