From Our Cornwall Representative, March 2015

CornwallLogoThank you so much to everyone who sent good wishes and kind messages during my illness. It really was appreciated. I would also like to publicly thank the Cornwall Councillors, Andrew Long, Bernie Ellis and Derris Watson, who have covered my case work. It is a very good example of how party politics is so often set aside to do our best for the communities we serve and I am very grateful to them.

When I left hospital I was confident that I would prove the staff wrong about the recovery time. They said at least three months and it appears they know more about it than me! I am making progress slowly and have been doing some of the ‘corporate’ work by phone and email. I am now able to pick up my casework again so please don’t hesitate to contact me in the usual way. I am still limited in stamina and driving, particularly at night, so it will be a few more weeks before I am attending meetings at County Hall on a regular basis but I am able to drive locally so will be able to come and meet with you to discuss any problems you may have.

I really have been touched at the many kind messages so, once again, thank you and I hope to now be able to make up for lost time in representing you when and where necessary.

Thank you.

Steph McWilliam, March 2015