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Family Connections.

DID YOU KNOW that there is a South Hill Guest Book linked to the South Hill Connection website?

Our Guest Book link has been tucked away at the bottom right hand corner of the Home page, and as the list of up-coming events has got longer, the Guest Book has been pushed almost into oblivion!   I will shortly be editing the page to bring it back into the limelight.

Entries are moderated, so only bona fide comments are visible to the public.

Recently, there have been a couple of new entries on the Guest Book. In September a message was left by Elizabeth Myers in Cheshire:

My paternal grandmother (nee Elizabeth Lark) was Cornish and her (very faded) baptism certificate states that she was baptised on the 14th November 1856 in (what looks like) “Lanteague” in the parish of South Hill. The minister’s name is also unreadable. Does Lanteague or a similar name ring bells with anyone please, I would love to know? My family history researches are extensive but this is still a mystery. She and my grandfather John Myers settled in his home town of Dalton-in-Furness in what is now Cumbria. Many thanks.

And in November, from Joy Hungerford in Kent:

My SYMONS family come from South Hill; earliest known, John, b about 1600, then Sampson, Sampson (whose Will mentions Higher Manaton and Maders), Rachel (who married William WEARING).

Back in 2015 a message was left by Richard Wearing in the USA:

I hope to one day visit Kelly Bray. This is where my Grandfather Jack Wearing was raised.

I have sent an email to Joy and Jack and will try to put them in touch so they can find out if they are connected.

Can any of our readers help Elizabeth and Joy with their family research? Whilst researching our own family history we have seen the name Lark associated with the Parish, but know nothing about the family.  Where is “Lanteague”?  Could it possibly be an old name for Lansugle (pure speculation on my part)?

We have also in the past had messages from people researching families named Ash, Warne, Widger, Sleeman, Werrin, Williams, Mitchell and Male.

More recently, some ancestors of ours went to Butte, Montana in the early 1900s – we have met up with our “cousin” Bev Dillon, her husband Dick and another cousin Naomi Manuwal, several times. (Pictured: Naomi and Bev with David at Egypt, 2014).  Bev has ancestors from families named Broad, Vincent and Inch. If you are reading this Bev, how would you like to write a piece about your family history and its connection to South Hill and surrounding parishes, for our next newsletter?

Do we have any readers who might be interested in taking control of the South Hill Guest Book? It’s not a huge responsibility but it would be nice to keep up with the people who send messages, and try to connect those who are looking for their ancestors.  Contact me if you are interested.

Contact me by email,, if you have any information about any of the families mentioned, and I will try to see that it reaches our “guests”.

Sue Skelton