Cornwall Council Climate Change Consultation

 We asked people to let us know what was most important to them

· Reducing car journeys through more buses and trains, more frequently and helping people to walk and cycle more easily

· More public charging points to help people switch to electric cars

· Building more energy efficient new homes

· Making existing homes more energy efficient and greener

· Getting more solar energy panels on rooftops

· Creating more large scale renewable energy farms

· Planting more trees

· Helping nature and wildlife to thrive

· Making it easier to reduce, reuse/repurpose and recycle waste

· Making it easier to reduce single use plastic(s).

CAN YOU tick off any of these as things you have done ?

· Rung an energy supplier to see if you can switch to green energy

· Buy local seasonal produce as much as possible

· Educated yourself about the science and impacts of climate change

· Contacted our MP and ask your friends make these ten pledges too

· Walked, cycled, used public transport or arranged to car share to work or shop.

· Worked on your carbon footprint using one of the many easy carbon calculators e.g.

· Done a home energy check to find out how much you can save energy in your home  and/or asked the energy saving trust by phoning 0800 512 012

· Reduced your holiday air miles

CAN YOU add to this list? Let us know your thoughts, speak to your Parish Councillors.