Callington Carnival

I hope you saw the South Hill Parish Show Fun Day “Wacky Races” Carnival float in the Cornish Times, on Facebook and anywhere else. Great photos of Dick Dastardly Tobias, Muttley Harper and Penelope Pitstop Darcy onboard and winning the First Junior Float and BEST in Carnival. Not too shabby for a few hours work and promoting our Show Fun Day on August 15th. Great effort to those involved.


Jane’s Floral Designs Art Gallery, Gifts and Pottery Studio also had Carnival success Winning the Best Adult Walkers with Flower Power .

Brenda owner of the Paint Yourself Pottery Studio, in the groovy purple tights! is enjoying the busy flower shop environment and joining in here with Jane and Jane’s Mum and Callington’s Town Crier. Brenda & The Town Crier will be joining us at our Show Fun Day ! Unfortunately Jane is away. Brenda is Country Cottage Ceramics on Facebook and Jane’s Floral Designs & Web Site You can also pick up the phone 389331

 This is the Fourth year Jane has welcomed students from Callington College during Work Experience Week, offering an insight into Floristry, the retail industry and the trials of being self-employed. For one student this reaffirmed her love of flowers, she continued her studies at Duchy College becoming a fully qualified florist. Now that’s a success story. Well done to this year’s students Bethany and Jasmine.

Myself and Jasmine had a week’s work experience at Jane’s with the opportunity to see the work behind floristry.

On the first day of our work experience week, the first thing we did was to go to the wholesalers at Cargreen to collect a flower delivery. Whilst there, we were able to look around the nurseries and see the flowers grown there. It was really interesting to see where the flowers came from and the kind of environment they were kept in. Later on in the day, we were shown by Jane how to condition the flowers and work out the prices. We were taught how to make button holes using carnations which we really enjoyed as it was something we wanted to learn.

Later on in the week, we each made a front facing arrangement for Ginsters which we then delivered. We really enjoyed being able to create our own arrangements and learning how to put them together. Another arrangement, involved wiring and taping silk flowers, to put together on an ornament.  The customer was really pleased with the result and was happy that Jasmine and I had contributed. > Throughout the week we were shown how to assemble bouquets and other flower arrangements. We found this useful as we didn’t know how to arrange or care for flowers so this was really beneficial for us. > Overall, we really enjoyed the week we had at Jane’s and felt that we leant a lot. It was a really nice experience and we both had a lovely week. > By Bethany Garlick and Jasmine Gray (year 10 Callington Community College)

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