Recycling for charity

Reduce waste going into landfill and support charities.

Please collect these items and recycle at a collection point near you, at the Parish Hall in Golberdob, Green Meadows (on the South Hill Road from Golberdon crossroads) ,  Callington Tesco, AONB centre at Drakewalls.

  • Baby food pouches & lids (any brand i.e. Ella’s kitchen) and Ella’s Kitchen snack wrappers
  • Plastic trigger tops and pumps from spray bottles
  • Plastic tops from washing up liquid bottles
  • Plastic air freshener packaging, cartridges and used air fresheners such as plug in refills (any brand – NO GLASS or aerosols)
  • Biscuit and crackers wrappers including individual wrappers like penguin and cake slices. Must be biscuit not confectionery
  • Used stamps (leave at least 1cm backing paper around stamp) both UK and Foreign
  • Mobile phones

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SHARE = South Hill Association for Renewable Energy