Recycling for Charity.

Our Community Energy group SHARE has joined Terracycle, a recycling program, to reduce the amount of plastics that can’t be recycled kerbside and can be used as a valuable resource for KicksCount charity to help reduce UK stillbirths.

Items that you can recycle are:

  • all biscuits & crackers & cake plastic wrappers
  • triggers and pumps off cleaning products and gloves
  • baby food pouches & snack wrappers
  • plastic air fresheners and packaging
  • tops off washing up liquid bottles
  • used toothbrushes, electric heads and packaging and toothpaste tubes
  • all sweets & chocolate wrappers 
  • all crisp & snacks, pringles, popcorn, pretzels & peanut packets
  • clean dry pet food pouches bagged, biscuits and treats packs ALL PETS
  • contact lenses, foil & plastic packing
  • all brands of bread bags
  • all personal care products in soft plastic tubes, inc. all plastics in hair dye kits and the gloves 

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PLUS Old mobile phones, cameras, gadgets, used stamps and unwanted jewellery can also be recycled for the Hill Pony Resources charity, who are supporting ponies here on our doorstep

Collection points just added CO-OP Newport Ind. Est. Launceston, TrePol&Pen Lezant, Play Planet soft play Crelake Ind Est Tavistock and Tavistock Scrapstore in the library building on Plymouth Rd as well as Minions Shop and locations around South Hill parish at St Sampson’s church in the porch, at the Parish Hall (Golberdon) in the porch, at Trevigro by the bench, also inside Callington Tesco by the recycling bin and inside the Tamar Valley AONB Centre at Drakewalls. Honicombe Manor Metherell, Plus Pirans Playful Piskies softplay, Beeching Park Store Kelly Bray, Stoke Climsland Old School car park shed, Nanny Oakley’s café Biscombes Lane, Callington,  AND Archway Dental, Well Street, Callington.

TESCO recycle your clean plastic carrier bags,  frozen food bags, cling firm, shrink wrap off cases of drinks and canned goods, toilet roll packs, cereal inner packaging…  there’s a large dispenser in store beside the recycling for batteries, ink cartridges, low energy light bulbs and our own Recycling for Charity bin. 

There are still a number of plastics that don’t recycle – black food trays, trays from inside biscuit boxes, postage packaging, we’re surrounded by it everyday …. so take a clean dry plastic bottle and stuff it full with clean dry cut up pieces of plastic and save these going to landfill. You will need to ram the pieces down really well to make a rock solid ECO BRICK ! >>> THIS IS NOT AS STRAIGHT FORWARD AS IT SEEMS. So we plan to get together and SORT PLASTIC

NEXT EVENT is at BEECH AUCTIONS Saturday June 15th from 6pm. Bring your hard to recycle items and we’ll sort through them and help you identify the items that we can take through the RECYCLING FOR CHARITY project

Thursday MAY 30th 10 – 1pm TAMAR VALLEY AONB centre, was a massive success Thank you to Cornwall Council, Tesco Callington for joining SHARE and everyone that brought their bags of plastic items and difficult questions which we tackled head on, sorting through the maze of plastic symbols and products. Think we did a pretty good job !