From our Cornwall Representative, May 2015

CornwallLogoFirstly, thank you to those people who took the time to get in touch about how to increase our recycling rates. There were some very good ideas and they will all be fed into the system for consideration. One example of recycling I have only just heard about is that CORMAC are now able to recycle the chippings collected after surface dressing our roads. Considering the cost of sending anything to landfill these days, this must be a very good investment for council tax payers.

The Cornwall Councillors’ community chest is open again with very similar arrangements to last year. I have already had two requests, which I am happy to support, so if you wish to apply, please do so sooner rather than later.

I was asked to find out whether Cornwall Council has a policy on Chinese lanterns. We don’t but the Fire Service does tend to discourage their use, due to the obvious risk to people, animals and property. However, if you are thinking of using them, there is guidance available on the Cornwall Council website.

It is too early to say what effect the results of the General Election will have on Cornwall Council but be assured, I shall be watching with interest, particularly the funding settlement for local government and what that will mean for services.

I have now nearly caught up with the issues affecting people locally but if you are waiting to hear from me and still haven’t by the middle of June, do please get in touch again. It is just possible I have ‘lost’ one or two notes in the backlog.

Thank you.

Steph McWilliam