From our Cornwall Representative, April 2015

CornwallLogoThere have been some changes to the committee structures and I am now a member of the Housing and Environment Advisory Committee. Please note the word ‘advisory’ but these committees do give backbenchers like me a chance to have more regular discussions with the relevant cabinet member. If you have strong views on anything to do with housing and the environment, do let me know.

There is a consultation ongoing about libraries and one stop shops so if you wish to have your say on this, please get involved or let your Parish Councillors know your views.

Cornwall is still very poor at recycling. If you have any suggestions as to how we can increase recycling rates, do please let me know. I do know there are discussions ongoing about mixed plastics, which would certainly help, but any other ideas will be much appreciated.

At last there has been work on many of the local roads that have caused such problems. Please thank your local Parish Councillors when you see them. They have been firm but fair in their efforts to ensure your parish was not forgotten in the roads maintenance programme. Whilst I don’t think the Council officers were ignoring South Hill, I do think your local Councillors were very effective in keeping your area at the top of the priority list. I realise it has caused a certain amount of inconvenience, with road closures and diversions all over the place, but hopefully you are now reaping the benefits.

Finally, I love this time of year. The weather is glorious at the moment and signs of Spring are everywhere. I do hope you are able to get out and about to enjoy it but please also spare a thought for those who can’t. I know many of you already check on neighbours living alone and it is one of the reasons I am proud to represent a community that still does so. Long may it continue.

Steph McWilliam